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If the blade is worn out...the answer is a whole new wiper arm. These can be got from Fiat dealers...or usually from Ebay for a fraction of the dealer price. Swapping them is simply a case of lifting the cover on the old one, where the wiper is attached to the car, undoing the bolt and slipping the old arm off....then fitting the new one in the reverse method of removal. Alternatively, what I prefer to do is to just change the rubber. If you buy an ordinary wiper blade of the same size or bigger, you can just take the rubber out, cut it down and slot it into the wiper arm. This way is much much cheaper, but involves a little more work. Replacing the arm is probably the most sensible option though if you want to be on the safe side.

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Q: How do you repair the rear windscreen wiper on a Fiat Punto Mk1?
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The ECU is located under the Scuttle panel at the base of the windscreen

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The Fiat Punto is manufactured by the company Fiat. Fiat is an Italian manufacturing company. The manufacturing of the Fiat Punto started in 1993 and is still currently being produced.

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This has just happened to my wifes Punto. Had to replace the wiper motor, as the linkage came apart due to wear. You cannot replace the arms, therefore, new motor. You could just try clipping it back in, but it is doubtful. Lift the bonnet. At the back at the top, just under the windscreen, you will see the arms. The one you are talking about will most probably be lying at the bottom, disconnected. Rip off if you ask me.

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I had the same problems with my Punto sx 60, 1998 reg. I bought a complete unit. It will be necessary to unscrew the old one and then replace with the new one. hope this helps.......Claire Peronally, I suggest you give up and buy a new car entirely- Fiats are cheap for a reason. This time it would be useful to get one with a back windscreen included. Hope this helps.... Melon

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The best place to purchase Fiat Punto cars would be at a Fiat dealership. However, one can most likely find used Fiat Punto cars on line or in the local buy/sell listings in newspapers.

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Contact a Fiat dealer.

What could be the cause of low water pressure in front windscreen washer in 2001 Fiat Punto having checked pipe is not blocked?

Bad wire connections to the pump. Shot pump.

The front windscreen wipers on your 2002 Fiat Punto Active will not switch off Any ideas what is wrong?

Could be a problem with the 'self parking' switch gone faulty The switch is under the metal cover of the actual wiper motor - so you would need to remove the motor to investigate further Hope this helps

How do you replace fiat punto windscreen wiper control unit?

I'm guessing you mean the front wiper here,- you just remove the cover over the nut and unscrew using spanner. make sure its not too loose or it will come off during motion. that's as far as i can help. THE WIPER CONTROL UNIT IS UNDER THE BLACK PANEL UNDER THE WIPERS,, TAKE OFF WIPERS AND BLACK PLASTIC PANEL CONTROL UNIT UNDERNEATH,,,,

What is a Fiat Punto car?

The Punto is an supermini Italian-made car manufactured by the company Fiat. The car was first produced in 1993 and still is today. Over the years, it has been marketed as the Grande Punto, the Punto Evo, and now it is simply just Punto.