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How do you repair the tilt wheel on a Millenia?


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2011-07-20 18:22:10
2011-07-20 18:22:10

Go to this link and it will illustrate how to trouble shoot and change the motor.


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you may need to replace the motor that causes the wheel to move. I had the same problem. Also the gear wheel that the motor attaches too was broken on mine. You might want to inspect that as well when you remove the motor.

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you take out whatever is making the tilt thingy tilt and it becomes non-tiltable

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If your car has a tilt wheel it is operated by a short lever below the turn signal. Pull back on the lever to tilt the wheel.

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Should be a 15" wheel. My 96 was.

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How much is cost to repair Tilt scope steering wheel 2000 Cadillac DTS It depends on what is wrong with it. Lets go to replace the mechanism that makes it go up - tilt and down - presently scope movement works

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