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Have the same problem with mine. Lent the car to a friend and he did not relize the trunk was power assisted and kept slamming it down breaking the latch and sensor. Now the trunk will not close.. Am ordering a manual converson kit today from Strutmasters who I also ordered replacement struts.. Good luck

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โˆ™ 2005-11-14 20:40:09
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Q: How do you repair the trunk latch on a 94 Continental?
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94 Chevy tailgate latch will not open?

how can i repair a 94 chevy k1500 tailgate latch. cannot open gate

How can you open your 94 buick lesabre trunk without the keys?

If the 94 LeSabre trunk does not have a remote release, check the rear sear to see if the back is removable, to gain access to the trunk. If there is no access, then either a locksmith will need to pick the trunk or you will have to drill the trunk.

How do you open and repair a hood when the hood latch cable breaks 94 Dodge Caravan?

you can usually open hood latch with a long screwdriver by going thru front grill, and pushing with end of screwdriver on the latch where the cable attaches. failing that, go to local fire dept. they have a special tool for opening hoods that will not do damage to vehicle but will get it open

How do you go about opening the hood of a 94 Ford Explorer if the latch does not release it?

try having someone bump the hood while you pull the latch

How do you repair 94 cutlass?

With special 94 Oldsmobile more specific

How do you open the hood on a 94 Plymouth grand voyger with broken latch?

Need more information. Is the latch behind the grill broken? Or is it the latch operated from inside the vehicle? If it's the latter you can remove the latch mechanism and pull on the cable using pliers or vise grips.

How do you unlock the safety latch for children in the backdoor of a 94 Lincoln?

Open the door and look where the latch is there should be a black lever push it down and it should unlock the door.

Would a 94 integra trunk fit a 99 integra?


Where is the remote door and trunk unlock-open receiver on a 94 Z28?

it doesn't have one. The one for the trunk is in the glove box, dan94z

Can you open the trunk of a 94 Geo Prism from the inside of the car?

On my 1995 Geo Prizm, cannot open trunk from inside of car.

Will 2 12' subwoofers fin in a 94 Acura Integra?

Yes, it will. I have a 94 integra ls and i have two 12's in the trunk.

Where is the inertia switch on a 94 mustang gt?

I BELIEVE that is on the left side of the trunk behind the trunk liner access hole

Where are the anchor points for baby capsule in a Ford Laser?

My 94 laser has an anchor near the latch for the hatch

Where is the inertia switch on a 94 Ford Probe?

in the trunk. under the carpet, in the leftside quarterpanel

Is there a separate fuse for the trunk pull down mechanism on a 1990 Seville?

My 94's fuse is in the trunk, bottom row, center. It is shared with the Power Ant

Who repair instrument cluster on 94 ES300?

DNA Speedometers are the BEST

Where is the fuel pump reset button on a 94 Ford Taurus?

most of the time its in the trunk on the side ....

How do you change the 3rd brake lite on a 94 impala ss?

You can gain access to the bulb from the trunk?

Where is the suspension button on a 94 Lincoln?

It's in the trunk, drivers side behind the side panel

Fuse boxes on a 94 cadillac deville?

There are several fuse boxes. In the engine compartment drivers side and passenger side , Another is located in the trunk on drivers side. In your glove box there should be spare fuses fuse boxes are in the trunk on the left on the 94 caddy.

How do you open the hood on a 94 geo with a broken hood latch cable?

If it is just the inside handle broken off you can pull the cable with a pair of pliers. If it is in the middle, you should be able to reach up from underneath and cut the cable and then pull the inside cable. If the latch end has pulled off, you may be able to trip the latch from underneath, or take the grill out and unbolt the latch.

How do you unlatch the back window on a 94 suburban when the electric latch will not work?

Does it work from the outside with the key? That way it will make easier to get to the latch to see if you can get it work. I had the opposite problem in my 94, the hatch was open and the latch wouldn't close. I took the inner panel off (just Phillips screws) and the plate underneath that covers the latch. I used a lot of WD40 and worked the latch back and forth by hand and got it freed up so it works properly. That was 9+ months ago and it still works just like it should. Not sure if this will work for a latch that is stuck closed. I'm assuming that you have already checked your fuses to make sure there is power going to the latch. Hope this is some help with your problem. Good luck.

Rear door on 94 cutlass supreme won't lock but actuator is workingAnd the rod linkage is all good.Can the outer lock piece on the door that catches the piece mounted onto the car cause this?

if the door does not latch somtimes the latch has locked lift the door handle and pull latch open

Where is the amplifier on a Chrysler concord?

The amp on my 94 concord is behind the carpeting in the trunk on the drivers side wall.

Does the 95 Honda Accord ex trunk lid fit a 94?

They are both 5th generation so it should fit.