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Order a new window regulator, and you need to go to a car parts store, and get a repair manual for your car. They cost about $16.00 Or, go to a Public Library.

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Theres something wrong with my chromebook?

To find out if there's something with the chrome book, take to a professional computer repair shop.

Where is the horn on a 1965 Pontiac gto?

its in front of the radiator, usually theres 2

How do you get on animal jam when they are in repair?

I personly think that you cant............inless theres a hack for it

How do you repair the air suspension for a 2001 Lincoln?

theres a reset button in your trunk. try that.

How do you repair a broken gas pedal on a ford explorer?

Theres this thingy, called a repair shop. This thingy also known as an autobody will fix your problem.

Where to buy Nintendo ds lite dsi repair parts?

theres dis store in waukesha called fix n save go to it and repair it

Fuse for radio on 92 Pontiac grandprix?

the glove box, on the left side theres a little box that opens there in there

What can you do about an illegal repair shop right up the street from you?

Theres an illegal repair shop right down the street from me, They are using torches and i dont know how to report them

1990 5.0 mustang stumbles unless mass air flow disconnected?

as a general rule,anytime you unplug a sensor and the engine runs better,theres something wrong with that sensor.clean the filament with electric contact cleaner and if that doesnt fix it,try a new maf

Where is cap on 2002 Pontiac Grand Am radiator?

theres no cap on radiator~ it is filled through the recovery tank on the fender well.

Is there something fun in Austria?


Where can you get your Nintendo lite fixed you dropped it and it wont turn on and theres something ratling inside does anyone know where you can go?

Suggest you check out the Nintendo website www.nintendo.com and select your country. If UK website is www.nintendo.co.uk. You will get repair information from there.

I have a compaq nc 6000 and theres a few things wrong with it?

If there is something wrong with it then you need to either call compaq, take it to a repair shop. Or specify what is wrong with it. There is thousands of things that could be wrong with it. Please be more specific.

Where does the transmission fluid go in a Pontiac G6?

to add transmission fluid its usually on top of the transmission. theres a cap to it and it can be lossened. to check the fluid theres a bolt sitting on top of the transmission toward the front of the car

How do you sneak out with alarm on but theres no alarm on the window?

You climb out the window, if its high up make sure theres a ladder or something to climb.

Why doesnt the blower blow on a 97 Pontiac gtp theres heat but not enough?

Try checking your thermostat. It is probably stuck open.

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theres all lot of cantaloupes here

Can a employer single out someome for a drugs test?

only if theres a good reason like if you did something stupid that affected the corperation but if theres no reason for it then no.

How do you repair a car parking?

You cant ... theres no such thing as "car parking" ... did you go to school or what .. cause im thinking that you didnt?

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no theres not but there can be if you have wacked your leg or arm on something

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