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How do you repair windshield wipers on Integra RS eventhough the windshield wiper motor is working?

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More than likely the problem is the transmission that needs to be replaced

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Do garages do windshield repair and replacements?

Actually some garages do windshield repair. Most people go to a windshield repair shop that specializes in windshield repair and replacement. Some are mobile and come to your home.

How do you repair a Honda Accord windshield wiper that does not move?

you need to get a new windshield wiper. mine quit working and i did that now it works good as new

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Where can one purchase a windshield repair kit?

One can purchase a windshield repair kit from most auto parts stores. AutoZone and Delta Kits both specialize in windshield repair kits. Walmart and Amazon also stock windshield repair kits if one needs the kit urgently.

How would the repair of the heater and air conditioning not blowing be made on a 1994 acura integra?

I own a 1994 acura integra and the heater/air conditioning blower is not working, I can not defrost my windows and the heat does not blow. What is wrong and how can the problem be fixed.

Where can I find a reliable windshield repair and replacement?

There are many online shops that provide windshield repair and replacement services. is one of online shop that provides windshield repair and replacement services. You can visit

How much should I pay for windshield glass repair?

You should pay around $100-$250 for windshield glass repair.

What is spark plug torque Acura Integra 1998?

From the Haynes Acura Integra Repair Manual, 156 in-lbs.

What are some great tips for windshield repair?

You can get a cheap windshield replacement kit repair kit at many places online. I would recommend the following,

How do you repair a cracked windshield?

You cannot repair it. You must replace it. I recommend a professional for this repair.

Do you tip windshield repair man?


How do you repair squeaking windshield wipers on a 1999 Suburban?

Replace the windshield wipers.

What products can be used for windshield crack repair at home?

Many hardware and department stores have their own brands of Windshield Repair Kits, which include an adhesive substance in a syringe, for repairing cracks and chips in your windshield. Specifically, Walmart carries a Permatex Professional Windshield Repair Kit for about $15.

How do you repair front windshield washer does not work at all 2001 Town Country?

Type your answer here... front windsheild washers are not working on my 2001 town and country van the wipers are working and back washer is working

Is there cheap windshield repair?

Safelight is one of the better known cheaper windshield repair locations. You may want to check with your insurance company as they may cover all or part of the repair.

What windshield repair supplies should you have handy in your car?

There are no windshield repair kits that you should keep with you in your car. In the case of a problem it is better to bring it to a professional.

How do I repair a windshield at home?

You repair a windshield at home by buying a windshield repair kit and making sure the product has good reviews. If you mess up, you can always see if a friend will try to help you out. As long as the damage is not too bad, it should be easy to repair, though it may take a little time.

Are auto glass shops like windshield repair shops?

Yes, the only difference is that windshield repair shops only repair windsheilds. Yet auto glass shops repair all of the windows on a car, as well as the windsheild.

What automobile repair companies will come to my home to fix the windshield?

Many glass repair companies will come to you to repair a windshield of your vehicle. The cost is not expensive and is usually finished with the job quite fast. At times, some dealerships will also come out to appraise and fix a windshield.

what would be a estimated cost of a repair or a replacement of a windshield of a HHR Chevrolet 2006?

$5000 is estimated cost of a repair or a replacement of a windshield of a HHR Chevrolet 2006

What is the best way to handle a windshield crack repair?

There are windshield repair kits available to fix this your self. How ever if you do not feel comfortable doing this your self you can find a company who will do it for you and provide a lifetime warrenty on the repair.

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Call O'Brian!