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How do you replace-change the rear wiper blade on a 1996 Chevy Tahoe 4Dr 4WD?


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To replace the rear Wiper Blade for a 2001 Tahoe:

1. Raise the are slightly to free it from the "docked" position

2. Pull the blade are away from the window (careful not to force it too far, it is not designed to fold out all the way like the front wiper arms).

3. The blade attaches to the "J" shaped metal hook at the end of the arm. To release the old blade, use your finger to release the small plastic clip which holds it in place. Once the clip is released, the blade should slide out of the "J" hook with very little effort.

4. Slide the new blade into the "J" hook - If you're lucky, you will have a blade that snaps securely in place (not all replacement blades have the small tang that locks it in place). If the new blade does not have the locking tang, it should still work so long as it fits snugly in the "J" hook.