How do you replace 2000 Pontiac Montana power window master switch?

remove 1 visable bolt left side of arm rest Pop out window switch/door lock/ mirror adjustment control panel withs a screwdriver Use panel remover or just pull on interior panel to remove must slide it off of door handle Slide control switch panel down through hole you popped it out of Pull vapor barrier loose bottom right side to expose coiled spring and window motor tape window in the up position using masking or package tape Mark a straight line across coil spring to make sure you can realign it when reinstall Use tool j-38864 connect it near outer part of coil sprint where it hooks to retainer or in a pinch use pounted vice grips at same location ensuring they are firmly locked on spring ( be very careful, I'm not responsible for any injury if you are not) Force spring cloclwise to disengage it from it's retainer point Pull spring slightly outward just enough to clear the retainer point and slowly let it uncoil counterclockwise and let it sit there Disconnect wire connector from right end of window motor use your hands and push 3 plastic retainer points outward as you lift up on window motor to disengage from retainers careful not to break the plastic retainers comes out pretty easy Install new motor into the plastic retainers, make sure filly seated ( lining up plastic Guides into holes in motor (3 points) Reconnect wire connector to new motor Use J38864 or vice grips to recoil spring, reseating it to retainer point as before ( be very careful, I'm not responsible for any injury if you are not) Remove tape from window and test up/down switch ( key must be on) Reseal vapor barrier in place as it was prior to starting Slide switch control back up through hole in door panel from where it mounts Slide door over door handle Align retaining clips to holes and push them home with gentle raps of your hand start at the top and work downward on panel replace both bolts in arm rest pop window/door lock control panel back in place Job well done