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How do you replace a '96 Saturn SC1 upper and lower bumper cover?

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Not very difficult. They are held on by a variety of bolts, nuts, and push pins. The push pins have a center pin that is simply pried up with a screwdriver or pair of wire cutters (dikes). Then the push pin can be removed. When all the fasteners are removed the cover simply slides off.

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How do you Remove the front bumper cover on an 2005 ford mustang?

# Apply parking brake,raise the vehicle and secure it # working under the vehicle,detach the fasteners securing the lower edges of the bumper cover # Working in the front wheel opening,detach the retaining screws securring the bumper cover to the inner fenderwell splash shield # Pry out the lower edge of the splash shield,then reach up behind the bumper cover and remove the bumper cover fender retaining nuts # remove the fasteners securing the upper portion of the bumper cover and pull the bumper cover assembly out and away from the vehicle. # Disconnect any electrical connections which would interfere with removal

How do you replace 2006 subaru legacy fog light bulb?

Turn wheel in for easier access. Remove the two clips that hold the lower mud guard to the bottom of the bumper cover & move mud guard for access. Remove connector. Remove rear fog light cover by rotating counterclockwise. Remove spring clip & replace bulb. Re-install cover & connector. Verify operation. Re-install lower mud guard.

Removing a 98 civic headlight assembly?

You need to remove the bumper cover in order to get at the lower bolt for the headlight assy.

How do you remove the passenger side headlight assembly on a 2000 Jetta Need to remove the whole assembly not just replace the bulb?

there are 4 screws that fasten the headlight assembly, 2 on top that are visible when the hood in open, and 2 on the bottom that cannot be seen at this point. Start by disconnecting the hood latch pull form the latch assy. next remove the grille to expose 5 fasteners that hold the bumper cover. there are 2 more behind the lower bumper air inlets(left and right side, 1 each). next there are 4 fasteners in each wheel opening (front portion) that go into the bumper cover, now you can remove the bumper cover and expose the 2 headlight lower fasteners.

How do you remove rear bumper on a 2002 Elantra?

1. If needed raise vehicle and support it on Jack stands 2. Remove the retaining screws in the wheel wells and along the upper and lower edges of the bumper cover. Remove the tail light housings. Remove the rear trim plate and pull luggage compartment trim out for access then remove the remaining bumper cover retaining screws. Remove the bumper bolts 3. On station wagons remove the rear window washer fluid reservoir for access to the bumper retaining bolts. The remaining bumper bolts are accessible from below 4. Pull the bumper and cover assembly out and away from the car

How do you replace fog light assy 2010 outback?

Remove the 2 clips that hold the Lower Mud Guard to the Bumper Cover & move Mud Guard aside. Remove electrical connector. Remove nuts & clips. Pull out Fog Light Assembly.....

How do you replace a thermostat on a 1994 Saturn SC2?

http://youtube.com/watch?v=DrCSJpbDCiI follow the lower (on the passenger side) raidiator tube down to the engine, remove the thermostat cover (2 bolts) you may have to drain your radiator fluid

How do you replace the headlight assembly on a 2006 ford mustang?

# Remove the front bumper cover # Remove the upper headlight housing mounting bolt and pushpin # Remove the lower headlight housing mounting bolts # Pull out the headlight housing assembly and disconnect the electrical connector

Where is the 92 Acura oil pump?

your oil pump is located behind the lower timing cover. to replace you will have to drop oil pan pull crank gear off and then lower timing cover

Where is the Horn loction on a 2005 Pontiac Sunfire?

If it is in the same place as the 1995 (in which I think it is) it is inside the lower right front bumper (fascia). You have to take the lower plastic cover (on lower underside front bumper)off in front of wheel to get access. Real pain in the butt to get to it because I just had to do it and replace the horn because it was bad. I think they (GM engineers) mounted it in a bad spot because I hear a lot of problems with the horn on the Cavalier/Sunfires. I relocated my up higher I hope that takes care of the problem.

How do you remove the front bumper cover on an Elantra 99?

1.Apply parking brake raise vehicle and support it 2.Disconnect the negative battery cable and then the positive cable and wait two minutes before proceeding any more 3.Remove the retaining screws securing .the air deflector and the upper side of the bumper. 4.Remove the turn signal light housings 5.Detach the screws securing lower side of the bumper cover 6.Once the cover is removed,remove the retaining bolts or nuts and detach the bumper assembly.The bumper is retained by teo bolts at each end.

How do you take bumper off 2000 Elantra?

Caution:Some models are equipped with an anti-theft radio.Before disconnecting the battery cable make sure you have the activation code for the radio.FRONT BUMPERApply the parking brake raise car and support it securely on jackstandsDisconnect negative battery cable then the positive battery cable and wait two minutes before proceedingRemove the retaining screws securing the air deflector and upper side of the bumperRemove the turn signal light or the headlightDetach the screws securing lower side of the bumper coverOnce the cover is removed remove the retaining bolts or nuts and detach the bumper assemblyREAR BUMPERIf necessary for working clearance raise the rear of car and support it on jackstandsRemove the retaining screws in the wheel well and along the upper and lower edges of the bumper cover.On station wagons remove the tail light housings. Remove the rear trim plate and pull the luggage compartment trim out for access then remove the remaining bumper cover retaining screws.Remove the bumper boltsOn station wagon models remove the rear window washer fluid reservoir for access to the bumper retaining bolts.The reamaining bumper bolts are accessible from belowPull the bumper and cover assembly out and away from the vehicle

Will an 02 Acura RSX rear bumper cover fit on an 06 Acura RSX?

No. 2004 and lower has a different tail light design. Therefore the bumper cover has the same design. The 2002-2004 have the little loops on the bottom of the tail lights. So the bumper has cut outs for those loops. 2005 and 2006 dont have loops. The tail lights are plain but stick out a little. Same goes for the headlights.

Where is the fuel pump located on a 1995 Saturn SL?

Inside the fuel tank. You'll need to lower the tank to replace the fuel pump.

How do you remove 2006 Toyota corolla rear bumper?

InstructionsLift the rear of the Corolla using a floor jack. Jack up on the rear jack point behind the trunk, and place a jack stand under each of the rear pinch welds. Then lower the vehicle onto the jack stands.Pry the plastic rivets off the inner wheel liner with a flat-head screwdriver.Remove the bolts that hold the bumper to the bumper bracket and support.Pull the bumper off the bumper support.Mount the new bumper. Align the mounting holes on the back of the bumper's mounting bracket with the bumper support, and thread and tighten the bumper. Replace the plastic rivets that hold the wheel liner to the rear bumper.Remove the jack stands, and lower the car.



What parts are needed and how do you replace a front bumper for a 1996 Nissan Pathfinder?

Disconnect battery (very important so you don't accidentally deploy your airbags) Remove the inner fender covers and the lower engine cover. The whole bumper assembly is being held by 2 brackets with 6 bolts (3 on each side) and pastic clips on both ends. You'll be able to access these bolt from under the bumper. Just unbolt the first 2 bolts on each side and loosen the third ones. Unplug the fog lights. The whole bumper assembly should just slide off. Slide it off parallel to the vehicle. Be careful not to break the clips. If the break, they cost around $6/piece at buynissanparts.com. I just replaced mine (chrome). I bought the bumper, bumper ends, lower bumper, 2 brackets, and 2 sets of clips. It cost me around $300 for everything on ebay. Hope this helps. Goodluck!!!

How to tell if a Saturn SL2 upper engine mount needs replacement?

look at how much the engine moves, if moves more than 1" fore-aft, replace. if you can see the rubber in the mount and it is torn, replace. replace the lower mount too

How do you remove the headlight assembly located on a 1999 VW Jetta?

If it a 99.5 MKIV platform Jetta - you have to remove the bumper cover first. Not too hard just take your time and make sure you get all the fasteners. Then slightly compress the corners of the bumper until it slides off its clip/rails. Once the cover is off the lower bolts will be revealed. Installation is the reverse of removal.

How do you replace low beam headlight altima 2003?

I find it's easier for me (maybe not anyone else) to just go ahead and lower the front facia. there is a screw in the upper part of the wheel well that you need to remove, then remove two screws along the top rear of the bumper cover, then remove the 4 plactic holding pins along the top of the grille/bumper cover. Pull it out and unbolt the head lights. But you can just remove parts of the air intake and go that route. they are just hard to get to. I have the HID version so I just go ahead and take off the front cover as not to damage the bulbs. Dunno if that helps or not.

Why does earth water and why dose Saturn float in water?

because Saturn has a lower density then earth

Will a 1991 Saturn motor work in a 1992 Saturn?

Yes, but you will need to swap over the lower mount bracket from your original engine onto the replacement engine. And you'll need to install a 1992-1998 timing chain cover onto the 1991 engine.

Where is the oil filter located on a 1995 Chevy Blazer S-10?

It will be on the lower left rear side of the engine next to the oil pan. You will have to crawl under to see it.AnswerI found out the oil filter is located under a splash cover right behind the bumper,It says "oil filter access panel! Yes, its located under a cover behind the front bumper, and it does say "oil filter access"

How do i replace a Lower ball joint in 2001 Kia Rio?

You have to replace the lower control did assembly .

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