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Can you replace a broken crown on a tooth?

If you have pain due to the broken crown, you can use Toofypegs. It works as temporary repair kit to replace lost fillings and loose crowns. For emergency use only, you have to consult your dentist immediately. Depending on the damage he will let you know if the he can replace the broken crown or you may need the new one.

How do you fix broken of below screen laptop?

The current laptop screens are made of either LCD or LED's. If a part of the screen is broken, it will not be repaired, and thus you will have to replace the whole screen.

how long does it take to replace my broken dentures ?

How long does it take to replace my broken dentures?

How do you replace the hood release cable on a 1997 Pontiac Sunfire?

If it is broken and the hood closed take it to the body shop.

How do you replace a broken parking brake release lever on a 91 Jeep?

I believe tyhere was a recall on this. check with dealer

Hood release tab broken from inside - how to open hood and replace the hood release lever?

If it is just the plastic handle broken, behind that is the cable that opens the hood. Just grab the cable with a pair of pliers and pull. You can probably just replace the inside handle and not have to run a new cable.

What happens if the track of the current is broken in a series circuit?

In a series circuit, if the current is broken the flow of all electricity stops.

How would you use temporary in a sentence?

When Bart's bootlace snapped, he tied the broken ends together as a temporary repair until he got home.

Statistics on broken homes in America?

what is the current statistic of broken homes

What to do with a broken fan?

You MUST replace it.

Why can't an electric current exist if the electric circuit is broken?

If the electric circuit is broken, there will be no medium for transfer of electrons and flow of current. Hence, electric current does not exist.

Dodge Dakota broken hood release?

This release would be under the hood. You can try to pop the lid or just get it opened without all of that. You should replace it as soon as possible.

How do you replace a broken tail light cover for a 2005 Nissan Pathfinder?

How do you replace a broken tail light cover for a 2005 Nissan Pathfinder ?

How do you fix a broken CD?

You can only replace it. Fixing a broken CD is not possible, YET

How do find the reason for no spark on a L100 john Deere?

Check the plug. If broken, replace it. If fouled clean it.Check your plug wire. If broken replace it.Check your battery. If dead, charge it or replace it.

How do you replace a broken rear door handle on a 2004 Toyota Sequoia?

To replace the broken handle you will first need to remove the broken piece using a screwdriver. Once the broken handle is removed place the new one in it's place and screw in.

How do i open the hood on a 2000 beetle if the hood release lever is broken inside the car?

To open the hood on the 2000 Beetle if the hood release lever is broken inside the car, you can remove the glove compartment of the vehicle and find the release cable inside the dashboard. Pull the cable to open the hood. You will then need to replace the hood release lever.?æ

How do you fix a broken truck dash?

the best way to fix a broken dash is to replace it. It's much easier ,and cheaper to just replace it, that's what i had to do. sorry.

Can you open windows with broken sash cords And without having to replace the cords?

Yes you can open windows with broken sash cords; however, the windows will probably not stay open unless you replace the broken cords.

How do you fix broken glass?

iPhone 4s I have a site on ebay $65.00 replace broken glass

How do you replace the fuel rod on Astro Knights Island?

When you find a new rod to replace the broken one, simply click on the broken one and the new one will replace it. (To get the fuel rod , see the related question.)

How do you fix a broken balljoint?

replace it. cant be fixed.

Can you replace a broken club during a round?

No you can't

Can you replace the femur if it's broken?

yes u can

How do you fix a broken needle on a sewing machine?

It is not possible to fix a broken needle. You must remove the broken one and replace with a new needle.