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How do you replace a 1998 Honda Accord AC compressor?


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January 30, 2010 7:36PM


1984-89 Accord and 1984-87 Prelude

1. If possible, operate the engine at idle speed and run the air conditioning system for a few minutes.

2. Turn the air conditioning system and the engine off. Disconnect the negative battery cable and disconnect the compressor clutch wire from the air conditioning compressor.

3. Safely discharge the air conditioning system using the proper recovery/recycling equipment.

4. Loosen the power steering pump adjusting and mounting bolts.

5. Remove the power steering belt.

6. Remove the power steering pump. Leave the hoses attached; just move the pump out of the way.

7. Disconnect the hoses from the compressor and cap the hoses and ports immediately to keep out dirt. Disconnect the brackets on the suction and discharge hose.

8. Loosen the compressor mounting and adjusting bolts; remove the belt.

9. Remove the condenser cooling fan and motor mounting frame at the radiator.

10. Remove the mounting bolts and the compressor. Set the compressor on the engine support beam.

11. Remove the compressor bracket. Remove the compressor from the engine compartment. If the compressor is to be replaced, note that two types of compressor are used: Keihin or Nippondenso. They are not interchangeable; the original type must be reinstalled.

To install:

12. If a new compressor is being installed, add 1 oz. (30 cc) of refrigerant oil through the suction port on the compressor.

13. Install the compressor bracket. Tighten the bolts to 34 ft. lbs. (47 Nm).

14. Install the compressor; tighten the bolts snug only.

15. Install the fan and frame.

16. Install the compressor belt. Final tighten the mounting bolts to 34 ft. lbs. (47 Nm); adjust the belt tension.

17. Install new O-rings onto the hoses. Apply a small amount of refrigerant oil to the O-rings and threads of the fittings, then connect the hoses.

18. Install the power steering pump and belt; adjust the belt.

19. Connect the negative battery cable.

20. Evacuate and recharge the air conditioning system.