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After spending hours on this I found this to be the best way - You can replace the motor without removing the small bracket. To do this there are 5 rivots to drill out. Drill out the 2 by the wire harness leaving the bracket attached to the door. The other 3 are behind the door wall a little further down. Do not remove the lower 2 that are exposed outside the wall, these 2 are attached to the small bracket. I made the mistake of removing these before I realized how everything is connected. You can feel behind the wall for the three hidden ones between the wire harness and the 2 exposed rivots. There is one on top at two on the bottom. Drill large enough holes through the door wall to expose these then drill the rivots out. These three attach the small bracket to the motor. I would probably drill 1/2 inch holes through the wall if I ever did this again. I had small ones which made it difficult to drill the rivots out straight and I messed one up. After all why should it matter if you have a few more holes in the inner wall. Also have a block of wood holding the window up or it will crash down when the motor comes out.

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Q: How do you replace a 2001 Z24 power window motor that appears to be riveted on?
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