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You remove the black cover from the inside of the driver door and unbolt the old mirror then bolt up the new one and replace the cover.

There are 3 types of mirrors depending on model and options

1. a manual mirror that you have to reach out the window and move the mirror. 2. a manual mirror with an inside adjustment stick. 3. a power operated mirror.

The first two are easy, carefully pry of the black cover inside the car where the mirror is located, then remove the three screws and pull the unit off from the outside. Use care NOT to drop the screws down in the door. I have nevr replaced a power operated mirror so I am not sure how that part connects.

Many junkyard have mirrors. If you go to the junkyard they charge about $5-$8 for one. If you take this rout, be sure to take your current broken mirror with you as the mounting screw location are different on different years. Most VE and CE models use black mirrors, while the LE models have color matched mirrors.

If you need to buy a new mirror, Toyot charges about $120 for one but I bought one from for $65 plus s/h. Pefect fit.

Easy job. VBD

With a power mirror, you will have to remove the inside door trim. The power connection is about 4 inches below where the mirror's wires go behind the trim panel.

First, remove the inside trim panel at the mirror. Pry up the bottom of the panel, then swing it out and away. Don't remove the mirror's mounting nuts yet.

Second, remove the armrest by gently prying it up with a flathead screwdriver. Pry up the front of the panel with the door lock switch (and power window switch). Once you have the front up, slide it forward to remove or else you will break off a tab at the back (nearest the armrest). Disconnect the power door lock and power window buttons. Remove the two screws you have now exposed, and the third screw above the door handle.

Third, pry up the trim tabs on the door jamb side. Once these two or three are popped out you can usually pry out the bottom and hinge sides by hand. Lift the door trim panel up and out.

Fourth, carefully lift up only the corner you need of the weather cover and disconnect the power mirror socket. Now remove the mirror's mounting nuts and pull the mirror away from the car, threading the power wires out the hole.

Reassemble in reverse order.

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Q: How do you replace a 2003 Toyota Corolla driver's side mirror?
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