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I have no idea. I have tried everything short of using an acetylene torch. I can see a little tab on the windshield wiper where it connects to the arm, however, I cannot get it to release. At least I think it's a tab. I am going to call the dealership and I'll let you know what I find out.

How to replace the wiper blades (on a 2001 Camry):

Pull the wiper arm away from the home position and lock into the service position. (With the ignition on, run the wipers into the upright position and turn the ignition off. Lift the wiper blade up (vertical) off the windshield.)

Turn the blade at an angle from the wiper arm (rotate the wiper blade counterclockwise (up)). You'll see (under the joint) a flat piece of steel -- actually the end of a flat spring. Push this lock spring with a screwdriver or a pencil eraser toward the joint to release the blade, then pull the wiper blade down (toward the windshield) to remove it from the arm.

Attach (in reverse) the new wiper to the wiper arm and press it into place until you hear a click.

Note: In most new cars the driver side wiper blade is longer than the passenger so make sure you buy the correct blades. My driver side wiper is 21", my passenger is 19".

This worked for my 1990 Toyota Camry.

Step 1, obtain new wiper blades. Waste no time and swallow your pride. Go into the auto parts store to the information desk and let one of the ten year olds who work there look it up for you on a computer and help you find it.

Step 2, replace wipers. It took two seconds to replace the wipers and two hours to figure out how to replace them. Ignore the pictorial directions on the Bosch package, which are a) unintelligible and b) a set of parallel instructions for removing and attaching every conceivable type of wiper blade, not a single set of instructions to be followed. You will not be using everything in the package (adapter, screws), just the new wiper blade and the shiny metal pin. If for some reason you don't have a shiny metal pin (one of my packages didn't have one), don't worry, you can use the pins currently on your car.

The wiper arm has a piece on the end held on by two screws (we shall call this by the technical term, "the piece on the end"). A metal pin goes through this into the wiper blade and holds the blade on. Lift the wiper arm straight up (gently) into what they call "the service position" so you can see it properly. There is a little tab on the piece on the end. If you press this you can pop the pin out and the blade right off (and then the pin comes out altogether). Carefully lay the removed blade down on the hood so that you can remember the proper orientation. Take the new Bosch blade, orient it the same way, check to make sure it is the right length (driver's side is longer than passenger's side), stick the pin through the piece on the end and the new blade just the way it was on the old one. Push until you hear it click. Lay the wiper blade back down. That's it. Really.

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Q: How do you replace a Toyota Camry windshield wiper?
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