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How do you replace a bad tie rod on a 1998 F-150?

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By experience, unscrew the nut on the center drag link until off, you may want to mark on the center link where the nut was (if not I hope you have access to an alignment rack); secondly remove cotter pin from top of bolt on the head of the tie rod and remove nut. With the next part you may want use a pry bar or hammer to get the head out. I caution using the hammer as the bolt head may mushroom an not allow you to remove the bolt.

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Can a bad tie rod cause your wheel to be crooked?

Yes, replace tie rod and have the car realigned.

What is the cost to replace front strut rod bushings on 1998 Nissan Maxima?

The cost to replace a front strut rod bushing on a 1998 Nissan Maxima is between $50 and $150, for a person who does it on their own. The cost varies based on the part brand or kit bought.

How do you remove the ball joint from the tie rod end on a 86 Toyota 4x4?

The ball joint should be permanently in the tie rod end. If it is bad, you have to replace the entire tie rod end.

What does a bad engine rod mean?

A bad engine rod is an engine rod that has misbeheaved.

How do you unhook spare tire from 1998 ford f150?

There should be a long metal rod under the hood that goes inside a hole in the back bumper that you crank to lower the tire.

How do I replace the tie rod on a 2003 Civic?

My manual doesn't cover this, the best they have is the steering gear removal. Do I actually have to remove this or can I replace the bad rod through the engine compartment, by removing the air box to get some room.

Spare tire removal on 1999 f150 without the jack rod?

I bought one of those jack rods for my 1998 Ford Expedition XLT at the local dealer for under $20.00.

What would cause a vibrating sound on a 1998 Saturn in the front of the car?

Out of balance tire, bad tie rod, bad shock/strut, or bad alignment are a few options

When did Rod Morrison die?

Rod Morrison died in 1998.

How do you replace the fuel rod on Astro Knights Island?

When you find a new rod to replace the broken one, simply click on the broken one and the new one will replace it. (To get the fuel rod , see the related question.)

How much does it cost to replace a tie rod?

The average cost to replace a tie rod is approximately $200. You can save about $125 of labor by replacing the tie rod your self.

How do you replace the rod bearings for Chevy tohoe 1999?

If you are talking about the crankshaft rod bearings, you can just remove the oil pan, and replace each crank bearing one at a time without actually removing the pistons. But to replace the piston pin rod bearings the pistons will have to be removed. IMO, if any of these bearings are worn bad enough to need replacing, then the engine needs a complete overhaul.

How much does it cost to repair or replace a rod on 1996 Volvo 960?

how much will it cost to replace or repair rod for 1996 volvo 960?

Does 4.2l engine from 1998 f150 interchange with 4.2l engine from 2003 f150?

Yes it is interchangeable .The 2003 is a better engine as the crankshaft has five main bearings on it while the 1998 model only had four . All the faults that were found on the 1998 model were corrected on the 2003 model .Some people reuse the 1998 intake manifold and injectors when they change over to a 2003 engine as they feel that not doing so would have adverse effects on the computer and onboard diagnostic system .I don't believe that this is the case . I own a 1998 4.2 F150 and I changed the engine out for a 2003 model and have had no problems . Make sure that if you have a new alternator and starter on your old engine that you change them over before refitting the new engine .You may as well replace the serpentine Belt at the same time while you are at it .The 1998 was well known for water leaks into the cylinder head ,filling up the cylinder on top of the piston and when you started the engine the hydraulic lock caused when the piston tried to compress the water would result in a bent connecting rod resulting in a heavy knocking sound from the engine or sometimes breaking the rod and sending it through the side of the engine block .

What does a bad tie rod sound like?

A bad Tie rod usuallydoesn't SOUND like anything, but some good indicators that you have a bad tie rod are incorrect alignment, and uneven tire wear on your front tires.

How do you fix a thrown rod in a 2002 Jeep Liberty?

Replace the engine.Replace the engine.

Trying to replace the engine rod bearings on a 2005 Chrysler Pacifica where are they located?

The rod bearings are between the connecting rod and the crankshaft.

Location of the speed sensor on a 2001 f150 4x4 4r70w transmission?

drivers side above the shifting rod.

How do you fix a push rod on a Chevy 350?

That depends on what's wrong with it. Generally they don't go bad, but you can pull the rocker arm, replace the push rod and put the rocker arm back. Not much of a repair actually. It's just a long rod that's hollow and has rounded ends. I don't know how they could fail unless something else is bad.

What actors and actresses appeared in An Audience with Rod Stewart - 1998?

The cast of An Audience with Rod Stewart - 1998 includes: Emma Bunton as Performer Ron Wood as Performer

Why is there play in your steeringwheel on your vectra?

either your rack and pinion worm gear is worn out or you have bad inner-outter tie rod ends. turn the steering wheel back and forth and have a buddy watch the tie rod ends for play. replace as needed.

How much will it cost to replace subaru legacy inner tie rods?

how much will a inner tie rod cost with an allingment about? Subaru Legacy 1998. And does this affect the way your car drives?

Can a bad bearing or rod be fix with transmission fluid?

I wouldn't think so. That would only thin the oil even further and possibly damage other parts. The only fix for a bad rod bearing is to check the crankshaft for damage as well as the rod and measure the diameter of the journal for out-of-round conditions. If you are lucky,you may just replace the worn bearing...but most are not that lucky and I wouldn't advise it. When a rod starts knocking, it's like hitting the crankshaft with a hammer and it will wear the sides of the rod cap/crank journal until it gets so much play, it breaks the rod,rod cap or piston..hence the saying "Sling a rod".

How do you replace a GMC Envoy antenna?

You simply unscrew the antenna rod and replace it. Very easy.

How do you replace tie rod ends on 1994 Chevy caprice wagon?

Remove the old tie-rod from the knuckle. Loosen (or preferably replace) adjusting sleeve. Put on new tie rod and tighten everything down. Then take it and get it aligned.