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How do you replace a battery in a 1993 Pontiac Grand Prix?


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The battery is located beneath the washer fluid reservior on the driver's side of the vehicle. Unfortunately, several parts have to be remved to access the battery. I first removed the three bolts securing the horizontal brace that exends from the area of the driver's side hood hinge to the frame in front of the radiator. Tape the bolts to the metal part to keep them from getting lost. Removing the brace will allow the white plastic washer fluid reservoir to be removed, but the black fuse box rests atop the end of this reservoir. The fuse box is secured to the automobile frame with two small pressed metal nuts remove these nuts to allow the fuse box to be slid off of the two metal studs on the frame. The fuse box will need to be shifted slightly to allow the plastic washer fluid reservoir to be removed. The reservoir is secured to the car frame by two bolts that engage the frame in front of the radiator. Remove these bolts and carefully lift the reservoir to reveal the small rubber hose exendnig from the base of the small black pump. Slide this hose off and tape it to something to keep it from falling out of sight. The wires to the small black pump will then need to be disconnected by pulling the gray plug away from the cylindrical pump. The reservoir can now be pulled away revealing the top of the battery. The battery is held in place by a wedge or clamp that holds down on an "ear" or "lip" of the battery. Removing this long bolt will allow this hold down clamp to be removed. The battery has side bolts or terminals that may prevent you from easily removing the battery because the negative post is so close to the plastic air intake nozzle. If you can't wiggle the battery out, you may have to remove this air intake and/or loosen the air filter box. I was able to replace my battery after I removed the two bolts holding down the air filter box. These two bolts are on either side of the air filter box at the bottom. With the loose air filter box, I was able to shift the air filter box just enough to allow me to remove the connections and the battery.

Make sure to use an idential GM/Delco replacement battery. The other brand(s) equivalent batteries did not fit within the nested area of the plastic washer reservoir, so I had to remove the handle and an upper mounting "ear" molded into the plastic battery case to make the after market non-GM battery fit within the recess of the reservoir.


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