How do you replace a brake light switch in a 1993 Honda Civic?

This applied to a lot of civics - true for my 1996 dx. There is a piece that fits into a hole in the arm of the brake pedal. I got in the floorboard to the the action of the mechanism and the plunger in the switch was not being depressed. Then I noticed some broken blue plastic pieces in the floorboard that had a pointed tip

Update.. After doing the install of the plastic piece, I found that the POINTED TIP DOES NOT PUSH IN the plunger of the brake light switch, THE FLAT SIDE PUSHES THE PLUNGER. The pointed tip must be snapped thru the mounting hole in the brake pedal arm, next to the switch. The flat side of the plastic piece presses on the plunger and turns off the light when your foot is not on the brake pedal. It should already be adjusted for the correct clearance, just snap in the replacement piece with some pliers (easier said than done, when you are lying in the floorboard).

I found this on the internet:on the 87 Honda civic there is a very small rubber tip that presses against the brake light switch (above the pedal). The rubber piece falls off and the switch does not close. Put a small short bolt in the hole with a nut on each side of the mounting hole so you can adjust the length of the bolt that touches the switch. tighten both nuts and the brake light works regularly again.