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How do you replace a brake switch on a 1999 GMC Suburban 1500?


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2015-07-14 15:07:01
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There are a couple of types of switches but lets assume you have a more common one. It will be located on the left side of the brake pedal shaft it is black with 4 wires in one connector and a separate 2 wire connector above the 4 wire connector. The switch is easily removed if it is this style by pulling it down it has 2 clips one at the top and one that slides over the pedal shat the back of the switch has a rased hump tha slides into a recess on the upper pedal support bracket.Grab switch pull down and gently wiggle it if necessary.Remove 4 wire connector and 2 wire connector. Now you are holding the old switch and your troubles have just started the after market replacement switches really suck get a real gm switch.If you look at the old switch at its bottom you will see a little foot sticking out of the base of the switch once the new switch is installed you must use the little foot to adjust the switch.If you do this wrong you will do dammage to your transmission.The two wires at the top of the switch go to the transmission torque converter clutch.when the brake lights are on the upper switch is off. When brake lights are off the switch will be on.Get new switch installed using this info and get a pro to help you adjust it.It should cost you only 35 bucks to get it set.Dealer shouldn't charge more than 30 bucks for switch. . David Shop Manager At Siskiyou Auto Care Ashland Oregon.


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To replace the brake light switch on a 1995 GMC Sierra 1500, the steering wheel will have to be dismantled until the brake light switch is reached. The switch is changed by unplugging it and plugging in a new one. There are screws holding the switch in place.

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The brake light switch may be bad or out of adjustment. The switch is located just above the brake pedal.

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The retaining clip on the end of the post that the switch is located on - how do you remove it?

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everyone should have a manual for their vehicle, and a professional shop manual should be available at the library in the reference section for FREE...make copies of the right pages and fix your vehicle like a PRO! :) good luck Dave :)

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