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How do you replace a broken power antenna on a 1999 Infiniti I30?

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1. Remove the cover that holds the antenna.This is located outside the antenna.No need to go inside your trunk. There will be two little holes on top of the cover plate.(I am sure there is an special tool that Infintany would like you to buy). I used Spark plug pliers.Because they are rubber coated.You really want a tool that protects you paint. 2. Remove the antenna. Installation. 3. slide the base and the cover over the antenna. 4.Have someone in the car.Turn the radio on.So the the motor full extends the anteena. Do not screw the base down at this time. 5.Put the gear into the motor.Have the person in the car turn off the radio.This will bring the gear into the motor.NOTE. You may have to do this a couple of times so that the gears catch. 6. Once the antenna is fully stowed..Srew the base down. 7.Turn the radio back on.If you see that the antenna does not fully extend. Just pull it up by hand. I recomend that you buy the 4 inch antenna.It just looks better.It cost a little more.

2006-10-01 14:13:25
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Q: How do you replace a broken power antenna on a 1999 Infiniti I30?
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how do you replace power antenna on 1988 deville

Your 1995 Lincoln Mark 8 power antenna will not go down but motor sounds like it is running?

The plastic gear line is broken, you just replace the center section of your antenna.

How do you repair replace a 1987 Corvette power antenna?

Remove the wiring harness from the bottom of your 1987 Chevy Corvette power antenna. Remove the power antenna retaining nuts. Reverse the process to install your new power antenna.

How do you replace the antenna on a 1999 Honda Civic EX?

need to know is it power and is just the mas broken if it is just the mas and its power it not a big deal it takes about 5 min.

How do you remove the power antenna on a 1996 Infiniti I30?

Open up the truck.. Unplug power line but, don't unplug the antenna line. It's will be used for your remote. -

How do you replace the power antenna on a 1983 Buick Riviera?


How do you replace the old antenna mast on a power antenna for a 93 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Go to They have a replacement mast for the power antenna for $14.95 + shipping.

What fuse controls the power antenna on a 1997 Infiniti I30?

I took out number 40 inside the car.

How do you fix an antenna in a 1993 Seville It won't go down but the antenna motor can be heard working?

Replace the power antenna assembly.

How do you fix or replace a power antenna for a Mazda tribute?

you dont

Can you replace the power antenna on a 1995 Toyota Camry with a manually fixed rod antenna?

yes u can

How do you replace the power antenna on an Infinity QX4?

go to NAPA auto parts and buy an antenna adapter

How do you fix a power antenna that only makes a clicking sound on a 1989 Honda Accord EX?

the drive cord could also be broken inside the drum that holds the drive cord when the antenna is down. If that is the case, you will have to remove the cover next to the motor and remove the broken piece. I believe you can simply replace the antenna mast; eBay has one but it is for a power antenna that mounts on the passenger side. that means that the drive cord is stripped, on some cars, the mast with the drive strip alone can be replaced, on others, you have to replace the entire mast / motor assembly.

How do you replace the antenna on a 1995 Jeep Cherokee?

If it's power, remove it and replace it with a standard one. power antena = problems.

How do you replace a broken power antennna on an Infiniti Q45?

Go on the site and search for power antena and there will be instructions. If your antena will not retract all of the way a piece of the plastic has broken off in the antena motor that has to be removed before you can place a new antena in it. Its easy to do.

Why will the power antenna not retract on a 1993 Nissan Pathfinder?

I have the same problem on my Nissan Altima, it is the antenna motor. Replace it.

How do you replace power antenna on 2003 Taurus wagon?

There are 2-3 types. Basically you remove antenna and it's power box from left rear cover.

How do you remove the power antenna motor and antenna from a 1998 4Runner Once this is done is it possible to install a euro style antenna?

I have a 98 4runner limited and It has a power antenna, I recently replaced the mast for it and it's pretty easy to replace the antenna it self. not sure about the euro ,but I know that it's pretty easy to take off the motor (if you can get under the panel) and just replace it with a normal antenna

If your power antenna on a '91 lesabre jams up but the motor keeps trying to make it go down how can you stop the motor and fix the antenna?

unplug the electrical from the antenna. replace antenna.

How to replace the power antenna assembly on 1993 thunderbird lx?

remove antanna

Chevy Caprice power antenna replace?

In my 89 you need to remove the wheel and the inside wheel housing, to get full access to the antenna.

Replace the power antenna on your 1994 sable wagon?

the power antenna is located on right front. I jacked my car, and removed the right front wheel. Then there are some small screws which are keep the inner fender plastic. unscrew them. You can reach with your hand the power antenna. Unplug the power wire, and the antenna wire, and unscrew those small (8mm) screws which are holding the antenna in its bracket.

How do you remove the right front fender from a 1999 Toyota 4runner to replace a power antenna motor?

No. If your wheel well has trim, you must remove that. Then remove the bolts that mount the fenderwell to the fender (this is not easy). This allows the fenderwell to be pulled back giving you clear access to the power antenna motor. Note that if the antenna is broken or doesn't go up and down anymore, you may be able to fix it by purchasing just a replacement antenna from Toyota. Typically the toothed cable breaks and all that is required is to remove the motor, disassemble the spool holder ( to remove the broken cable) and then install a new antenna.

How do you replace power antenna on 1992 corvette?

Remove left rear wheel plastic housing cover under the body you can then access the antenna motor.

How do you fix an 99 eclipse power antenna?

you don't.. can't replace mast.. the best thing to do is buy an aftermarket/universal power antenna or go hunt for a working one at your local junkyards.