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You should take your car into a mechanic and check the valves as damage can result in a broken timing belt

The top pulley has a mark imprinted on the side. Make sure the line is at TOP DEAD CENTER. The bottom smaller pulley has two notches. They face DEAD BOTTOM.

This engine, through trial and error, has no problem with valve damage as I tried many ways (after turning the engine by hand first to check for knock or seizing)

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Q: How do you replace a broken timing belt on a '93 Pontiac Lemans?
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Where is the timing mark on 1.6 liter 1988 Pontiac Lemans?

The marks are on the timing belt cover,and on the pulley for the crank.

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there is no 2.0l Pontiac must be a swap from sunrunner.

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The only fix for broken timing belt or chain is to replace it.

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Hey Tony This is quite involved. Get amanual on your car from MOTORLIT.COM or a parts store and it has pictures and everything. GoodluckJoe

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