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You should look it up in your manual. I would need to know your car type before answering only because they are located in different places for different cars.

You can also call any auto part store and give them the make and model and they will tell you how.

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โˆ™ 2015-07-15 20:56:15
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Q: How do you replace a car battery?
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Replace The Battery in Your Car?

form_title=Replace The Battery in Your Car form_header=Prevent a situation where the car won't start by routinely replacing the battery. When did you last replace your car battery?=_ What type of installation do you want?= () Self () Professional

When to replace the car battery?

if the battery gets weak and useless, then you have to replace it...

Can a crack in a car battery be repaired?

No, replace the battery.

Why a car leaky battery acid?

There is a crack in the battery case. Replace the battery.

How do you replace a Mitsubishi Montero Sport Battery?

replace it just like any car battery

Car battery failed its test?

Then replace it.

How to fix the battery car?

If the battery is defective there's no way to fix the battery must just replace the battery.

How often do you replace battery on car remote?

im guessing that your talking about the alarm/keyless remote. You will find that you have to get closer and closer to the car to be able to unlock it. You should replace the battery when you have to be within about 10ft from the car.

Where can I find instructions for do it yourself car battery installation? has an article on how to replace a car battery. There are also several videos on YouTube that you can find on how to replace a car battery if you are so determined to do it yourself. I would suggest have someone with experience put one in.

When do you replace battery in a hybrid car?

When the old ones fail.

Can i replace my battery car 12V 62Ah to 12V 74Ah My car is gasoline?

Yes, you can do this.

How do you know when you need to replace your car battery?

When the battery does not start your car as it normally has, or the battery runs down overnight. If you suspect it is bad then have it checked at an auto parts store.

How far should the voltage on a car battery drop when cranking the car?

when cranking the engine the battery voltage should not fall below 9.6volts if so replace battery

Do you have to replace a BMW battery with another BMW battery?

No, as long as the new battery is the same as the previous battery and meets the required specs of the car.

How do you get a new car battery if you cant start your car?

Go get a new battery using another car. Or get the dead car jump started using another vehicle. There are companies that have mobile battery services that will come right to your home or wherever the car is located and replace the battery.

How do you replace the battery on a Mazda miata?

The battery is located in the trunk of the car, above the right rear wheelwell. You may need to pull back some of the carpeting. Once you find it, replace it just like any other car battery.

What will cost to replace your Toyota Sienna car battery?

From $65 to $265 depending on the quality battery you buy.

Is there any way to replace a missing car battery post?

No. If the battery post if missing then you will have to buy a new battery. My question to you is how is a battery post missing?

How do you replace the cables to your car battery?

By removing the olds ones first

Why won't my car battery take a charge?

Cause it is shorted out ,replace it.

How do you fix car battery cable corrosion?

Don't fix it...replace it.

How do you know if you need to change your car battery?

Whenever your car doesn't start or you left a light on all night in your vehicle, it usually means you need to replace your battery. You can go to AutoZone or a place like that to have them test to see if you need to replace your battery.

Can any car barttery work in any other car? long as the cold cranking amps and voltage are at least that of the battery you took out of the car you are trying to replace the battery to.

Why is the car battery dying while the car is running?

I have a 2001 Intrepid and my battery kept dying, so 2 tow trucks later I found out that the battery that was in my car had over heated and battery acid was leaking. After that all I had to do was replace the battery and everything is well. Hope this helps!

How do you replace the battery on a 2004 Mercedes C 230?

Like any other car...remove wires, retainer and replace. Most places do it for free or inexpensively when you buy the battery. The battery is in the trunk.