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pull the black thing off that surrounds the gages then unscrew the screws or bolts then flip it down then you should see the wire pull and replace it

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Q: How do you replace a check engine light bulb in a 1997 Plymouth Breeze?
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Do you leave the engine running to check transmission fluid on a 1998 Plymouth breeze?

Yes, idling in park.

What is check engine code 1492 on 1999 Plymouth breeze?

ambient/battery temp sensor hi

What is check engine code 31 on a 1997 Plymouth breeze?

It is... 31- Bad Evapotator purge solenoid circuit or driver

What does it mean when the engine light on a 1998 Plymouth Breeze is on but it has oil and antifreeze in it?

You should check your fluid levels, your oil and coolant.

What is check engine code p0171 on a 1998 Plymouth breeze?

Trouble code P0171 means:System too lean (Bank 1)

How do you replace the oil pan on a 2000 Plymouth breeze?

double check with a service manual, but you should be able to just drain it unbolt it replace the gasket and bolt on a new one

What is check engine code 72 on a 1996 Plymouth Breeze?

Code 7 2 is catalytic converter efficiency below required level

98 Plymouth breeze quits running when engine get normal temperature what might be wrong?

Check the coil pack or the cam position sensor

What causes 1998 Plymouth breeze heat not to get warm?

check your water...

What makes a 96 Plymouth breeze crank over but wont start?

Check for fuel Check for spark

What could be the problem when the check engine light comes on and the speedometer does not work in a 1999 Plymouth breeze?

Have electronic vehicle speed sensor in transmission checked out. It will cause loss of speedometer function and set a fault code(check engine light).

How do you turn of the check engine light on a 1997 Plymouth breeze?

make sure gas cap is on all the way and drive it a few tanks and see if it goes off by itself.

How do you adjust mileage on a 1997 Plymouth Voyager?

The only ways to improve mileage are to check tire pressures, replace spark plugs, replace air filter, repair any causes for the check engine light to be on.....

How do you change thermostat on 97 Plymouth breeze 2.0?

To change the thermostat on a 1997 Plymouth Breeze 2.0, a bucket should be placed under the vehicle where the hose for the thermostat is. This will catch any leaking antifreeze. Remove the hose clamp from the top radiator hose where it connects to the engine. Note how the thermostat is positioned in the hose. Remove the old thermostat and replace with a new one. Tighten the hose clamp after reconnecting it to the motor. Check antifreeze level and refill if necessary.

Why are the 1999 Plymouth breeze brake lights not working?

check your fuse box. That fuse might have short circuit

What do you need to do your 1999 Plymouth breeze only blows cold air?

check the coolant in the radiator it may be low.

1998 Plymouth breeze doors still are making the popping noise even after i oiled the hinges is there anything else i can do?

Try oiling the hinges on the door. Replace the check strap. That is the part between the two hinges.

How do you check the engine codes on a Plymouth sundance?

cycle the key three times and count the blinks of the check engine light

1997 Plymouth breeze randomly stalls and starts?

Start by checking the 1997 Plymouth Breeze for proper fuel pressure. Also check for any loose connections at the crank position sensor or the coil packs. Any of these could cause the stalling problem.

Why would the check engine light come on in a 2000 Plymouth Breeze?

Could be hundreds of reasons. Have your local auto parts store plug in a code reader and retrieve the code(s) to help determine the cause.

My 98 Plymouth breeze won't start. Will make sound like it is going to crank but wont?

Check the engine ground before replacing parts. I have a 97 Plymouth Breeze that would not turn over, but the lights and radio worked. After replacing 4 parts (starter/solenoid, ignition switch, crank case sensor and safety switch), it turned out that the engine was not grounded properly. Once the ground was reattached correctly, car started.

Why does a 1996 Plymouth breeze start and run until it gets warm then stalls and wont start again until it cools off?

A 1996 Plymouth Breeze that starts and runs until it warms up, but then stalls might have a problem with a temperature sensor. The sensor is telling the computer that the temperature is too high for the engine to operate safely. Check the Electronic Temperature Sensor or the Manifold Pressure Sensor (MAP).

How do you reset the check engine codes on a 1994 Plymouth Voyager?

if you disconnect the battery for at least 5 minutes then reconnect it ,it will reset the check engine light

How do you replace the fuel filter in a 1999 Plymouth Voyager?

Check out the related link for instructions on how to change the fuel filter in a 1999 Plymouth Voyager.

How can I turn off check engine light long enough to get smogged on a 1996 Plymouth breeze?

You can reset the light with an OBD2 scan tool, but it will come right back on unless you have the problem fixed that set the trouble code in the first place.