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it's all very simple, if you have all the right tools. you will have to take off a lot of the extremities. it's best to start off with disconnecting and removing the battery, disconnect all of the leads going to the starter motor and remove the starter motor itself, there are two bolts on the starter motor, both should be a 14 socket, or the emperial equivalent if you are still using that stuff. the first bolt is easy, it's quite visable, the second is under the starter motor itself, but you are still able to get the socket and extension bar into the gap.

from hear it's good to go underneath and drain the fluids, water from the radiator and transaxle fluid from the gearbox. with everything, it's good to either put back the plugs and so on while you are going along or labeling them for when you are wanting to put it all back together.

the next task is to take the drive shafts out. to do this you are going to have to take off the wheels and wheel nut(this will take two people, one to undo the nut and the other to stand on the brakes.) [Or, before removing the wheels or anythning else, break it loose, but don't completely remove it] after you have sucessfully taken the wheel nuts off you will have to get the suspension out of the way, firstly by taking the bottom portion off, there is a nut half way up that drops the lower portion off, the upper portion you will have to take off using a ball joint separator, but first you will need to take off the cover to reveal the nut, take out the split pin and remove the nut.

from here, get back under the car and use a big flat screwdriver to lever out the drive shaft from the gearbox. this has to be done on both sides or it will give you trouble when putting it back together again.

from hear it's all just as simple as taking all the bolts off that are keeping the engine and gearbox together, support the engine on a jack stand before removing the engine stay bolts on the gearbox. separate the two and lover the gearbox ground. take out and replace the old pressure plate, bearings and clutch plate. you will need to make sure the clutch plate is properly lined up, or when you attempt to put the gearbox back on it may damage the plate. you can do this by either using a tool to align it or if you trust yourself, you can make sure that the plate is equidistant from all sides of the pressure plate. you will need to use a torque wrench when tighening the bolts holding on the pressure plate and clutch plate, if you over or under torque these, you can damage them.

after you have aligned the clutch, it's as simple as putting everything else back on in the order it was taken off.

Cheers Have fun

~added part about breaking wheel nut loose while car is still on the ground -Thumper

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Q: How do you replace a clutch in 1989 Honda Civic 4 door LX 16 valve?
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