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the gearbox has to come out,get the front of the car as high as poss on axle stands,remove n/s plastic shield,remove n/s wheel,remove driveshft nut,split bottom ball joint+remove shaft from hub,remove all bellhousing bolts (theres a 19mm bolt right at the top that's hidden under the alloy breather housing)you can leave the starter motor on,remove speedo + clutch cables crank sensor wires(by speedo cable) +disconect gear linkage under car,support engine on trolly jack ,remove bolt from rear gearbox mounting,remove front gearbox mount complete, split o/s driveshaft from gearbox,lower engine slowly until gearbox will slide out,remove 6 bolts on clutch cover +remove driveplate,you can get a clutch kit on eBay for £29.90 inc p+p from bcp20040. fitting is reverse of removal but make sure clutch driveplate is cental to flywheel. PC-classics

Just to add to this the car I just changed the clutch on was a right Hand drive model.

don't listen to anyone who says its the same as the Vauxhall and you just need to remove the 5th gear cover and use a slide hammer etc, although I did this there is no way to fit a slide hammer I tried mole grips and other things but to no avail. so the above is right.

However I might add, Mark the gear linkage really accurately, I didn;t and it was a pain to get it to select the right gears after. its only millimeteres to get it tuned in so you can select all gears.

Where above it says split O/S Drive shaft I found it easier to remove the hub nut instead and leave the shaft connected, when the gearbox is ready to move out on a trolley jack ,if you take it steady you or an assistant can tap the O/S shaft out and it will move out with the box. I pulled the box just far enough away to get inside and replace the clutch and Bearing, I did this through the removable plate on the bellhousing.

To make fitting easier I slid the friction plate onto the box splines (to save lining it up dead on) I then pushed it back together then put the 6 bolts back in around the clutch and tightened them gradually rotating the engine when i had put 4 or five turns on a nut, just keep checking that everything is in line. when the clutch is fully tightened its just a matter of pushing the box back together it would be about 3 inches or so. Get a couple of bolts in and check the thrust bearing is central to the clutch and that its not off centre( which it can be if you overtighten the 6 clutch bolts uneavenly).

once that's done carry on as above, this way you wont lose gearbox oil, and although its red it isn't ATF. which i thought it was after removing the 5th gear cover. its much thicker than ATF, I shoved about 300cl of 80/90 gearbox oil in through the speedo drive hole. and it runs fine. ( the level plug is at the back of the box on the inside near where the O/S driveshaft enters the box)

All in all I took a weekend to do this but wasted time with seized nuts and trying to do it the Vauxhall way wasted a day. good luck

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Q: How do you replace a clutch on a daewoo nexia 96 15 glxi?
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Why might the engine on a 1997 Skoda felicia 1.6 GLXi whistle when accelerating in 5th gear?

Try the alternator pulley wheel - it has a clutch. Mine just sheared of completely (the clutch had disintergrated)

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my battery light keeps coming on why is that, ive replace the battery and it still happening please help?

What is glxi in car?

GLXI refers to the trim package on a vehicle. GL means Grande Lux, X means a higher level of trim, and I means injection.

How many horsepower does Mitsubishi lancer 1997 glxi model has?

137 bhp

What is the 1995 Mitsubishi Lancer GLXi firing order?


Where is the computer box location of 1998 Mazda 323 familia GLXi?

in front of the gear shift

How do you know if the computer box of Mitsubishi lancer glxi 1997 deffective?

Hi for sure your car will not start i have glxi lancer and the problem is the box but heey manage to convert it in a japan box call me if you want to have a converted box your box is md331474 my friend can make it work with japan box #09163840062

How do you reset the ecu on a lancer 98 glxi 4g92?

Just remove the Battery for 15 sec. (+) then it is reset already, Rizal

How to add the horsepower of a Mitsubishi Lancer Glxi 1997 engine with an automatic transmission?

put-up a low pressure turbo charge....

What is the fuel tank capacity of Mitsubishi spacewagon 1.8 GLXi car?

Per owner's manual provided, the tank's capacity is 60 litres or 15.9 imp. gal.

Would a broken heater cable cause the air cond not to work also Ford Festiva 1997 GLXi?

Yes it could also cause the A/C to stop working.

Where is the exact location of fuel filter and fuel pump of Ford Laser 1999 glxi 1.8L?

on top of the tank,in the middle underneath the rear seat,lift up grey cover material.

How to tune up Mitsubishi lancer GLXi 1995?

remove the battery for 10 minutes reconnect it and start the car wait for the car until its stable and the engine is running smooth. that is done after changing the filters and the spark plugs.

What is the fuel tank capacity of Mitsubishi lancer glxi 1998 model?

I put 49L into mine this morning after going 480Km (10.2L/100k) and the needle being on E. So I'm thinking it is 50L

How much does it cost to buy a new starter for 1991 Mitsubishi lancer glxi?

It is important to know what kind of finances will be needed when fixing a car. A New starter for this car can cost between $60 and $90, depending on the store, and brand.

Does the Mitsubishi lancer glxi model 1993 has its maximum torque of 137 nm at 5000 rpm which gives a 170 km per hour on the speedometer passing it?

Yes, I own one. Dissapointed about the type of questions ask. Good for wikipedia encyclopedia though.

Hi you have a Mitsubishi space wagon glxi you drove for 60 miles and the core plug shot out from behind the timing belt is this serious our is it just a matter of replaceing the core plug?

The most likely problem for this is a blown headgasket. Exhaust gases will be leaking from the block into the waterways, hence pressurising the water system, and blowing out the core plug. The easiest way to check this would be to replace the core plug, fill the car with water and use a TK tester on the radiator. This detects exhaust gases in the water system, and will tell you wether or not the head gasket is definatly leaking.

How do you fit a KN air filter and induction kit on a 1996 Mitsubishi Colt?

You need to get a bolt on Tophat adaptor and bolt it to the electrical box. The adaptor has a square end to bolt onto the induction box and a circular hole to accomadate the new filter. i have a 93 GLXI colt and it is a bit of work and messing about, i had alot of trouble with room because of the pipe that the electrical box fits to was too long so i cut it in half and just fits in there nicley. i got my adaptor from Motor World and had to order it, so id go there or Halfords and just ask.

What is the best motor oil for my lancer glxi 1993?

Mobil 1 Extended Performance Benefits:* Guaranteed performance and protection for up to 15,000 miles.* Mobil 1 technology designed for today's longer service intervals.* Proprietary formulation with 50 percent more SuperSyn helps keep engines running like new.* Helps extend engine life by reducing wear and oil breakdown.* Mobil 1 technology has been field tested over the last 30 years in the most severe driving conditions.* Suitable for cars, vans and light trucks.

How much is a 97 lancer worth?

1997 Mitsubishi lancer? Lancer EL - P160k - 1.3 enginedisplacement. not power steering, not power windows, not power side mirrors, not power lock. carburetor-type. Lancer GL - P175k - 1.3 engine displacement. power steering. not power windows, side mirrors. carburetor-type. Lancer GLXi - P190k - 1.5 engine displacement. electronic fuel injection (efi). all power. with computer box. but still, prices may increase depending on the load, or the accessories added thereon. if u want, check out at there is an ad for 97 lancer, at 170k only. check out the details. thanks

Does a 00 Skoda felicia 1.3 glxi have a timing chain or timing belt?

A 2000 Skoda Felicia 1.3 mpi has a timing chain. Not a timing belt. A timing chain. So buying a used felicia and not replacing it is not actually risky, as with a car with a timing belt. The chain of course will also develope 'slack', so it is a good idea to change it after so many klms, and/or if it as gotten too noisy. The possibility of the chain breaking is very very very slim. It WILL develope some slack though, and might jump a tooth, worsening performance and fuel economy. Parts are cheap for the felicia.

How do you reset the computer on a 2000 Mitsubishi Lancer glxi?

press the reset button nope, that does not do it. whoever gave that answer (press reset button) must be joking. the proper procedure iswith engine shut offyou then proceed to disconnect the battery andleaveitdisconnected for a few minutes (15 minutes should be enough). this will erase the "driver profile" in the ecu. then reconnect the battery, start theengine, turn on the a/c AND let it idle for about 20-30 minutes. this idle time is very important since it allows the ecu to reacquire the engine parameters it needs.if you don't let it idle for at least20 minutes then you'll see your mileage go down and it may not shift right (for those with a/t). also be sure to keepthe transmissionin park or neutral so as not to interfere with the ecu resetting itself. don't press the brake or accelerator pedals either.

Why does your oil warning light come on intermittently on Mitsubishi spacewagon glxi when there is enough oil in sump sometimes the car can work for days without the light coming on it seems very odd?

Low oil PRESSURE does not necessarily mean that the oil level is low. The oil pump maintains pressure to the bearings. When the bearings get worn, the oil leaks around the bearings and the pressure drops. You can try a "Thicker" oil to see if that keeps the oil from leaking out the sides of the bearings as quickly. If you're using a 10-W-30 oil now, try a 15-W-50. Whatever oil you're using, try oil with the next higher number an see if that keeps the light from turning on. to be honest i would take it to a garage. if you run an engine with low oil you could risk siezure & posibly writing it off :(

Ive got a1992 Mitsubishi space wagon glxi witch will not start ive got a spark at the plugs and fuel pump is fine think its something to do with the fuel injector rail what makes the rail work?

The fuel injector rail takes its fuel supply from the fuel pump through a pressure regulator that makes sure the right amount of fuel exist in the rail all the time. This is so that each injector gets a consistent amount of fuel, and that the only variable to determine the amount of fuel injected would be the injection pulse supplied by the Electronic Control Unit. This configuration simplifies the process of controlling engine speed. The rest of the fuel from the pump above the required rail pressure is returned to tank through an excess pressure outlet in the regulator. This makes it necessary then for the fuel pump to not just squirt out fuel but it must meet the specified fuel pressure in the rail. You should find this data in the shop manual for your car.