How do you replace a clutch on a daewoo nexia 96 15 glxi?

the gearbox has to come out,get the front of the car as high as poss on axle stands,remove n/s plastic shield,remove n/s wheel,remove driveshft nut,split bottom ball joint+remove shaft from hub,remove all bellhousing bolts (theres a 19mm bolt right at the top that's hidden under the alloy breather housing)you can leave the starter motor on,remove speedo + clutch cables crank sensor wires(by speedo cable) +disconect gear linkage under car,support engine on trolly jack ,remove bolt from rear gearbox mounting,remove front gearbox mount complete, split o/s driveshaft from gearbox,lower engine slowly until gearbox will slide out,remove 6 bolts on clutch cover +remove driveplate,you can get a clutch kit on eBay for £29.90 inc p+p from bcp20040. fitting is reverse of removal but make sure clutch driveplate is cental to flywheel. PC-classics

Just to add to this the car I just changed the clutch on was a right Hand drive model.

don't listen to anyone who says its the same as the Vauxhall and you just need to remove the 5th gear cover and use a slide hammer etc, although I did this there is no way to fit a slide hammer I tried mole grips and other things but to no avail. so the above is right.

However I might add, Mark the gear linkage really accurately, I didn;t and it was a pain to get it to select the right gears after. its only millimeteres to get it tuned in so you can select all gears.

Where above it says split O/S Drive shaft I found it easier to remove the hub nut instead and leave the shaft connected, when the gearbox is ready to move out on a trolley jack ,if you take it steady you or an assistant can tap the O/S shaft out and it will move out with the box. I pulled the box just far enough away to get inside and replace the clutch and Bearing, I did this through the removable plate on the bellhousing.

To make fitting easier I slid the friction plate onto the box splines (to save lining it up dead on) I then pushed it back together then put the 6 bolts back in around the clutch and tightened them gradually rotating the engine when i had put 4 or five turns on a nut, just keep checking that everything is in line. when the clutch is fully tightened its just a matter of pushing the box back together it would be about 3 inches or so. Get a couple of bolts in and check the thrust bearing is central to the clutch and that its not off centre( which it can be if you overtighten the 6 clutch bolts uneavenly).

once that's done carry on as above, this way you wont lose gearbox oil, and although its red it isn't ATF. which i thought it was after removing the 5th gear cover. its much thicker than ATF, I shoved about 300cl of 80/90 gearbox oil in through the speedo drive hole. and it runs fine. ( the level plug is at the back of the box on the inside near where the O/S driveshaft enters the box)

All in all I took a weekend to do this but wasted time with seized nuts and trying to do it the Vauxhall way wasted a day. good luck