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Most of the bulbs nowdays are replaceable through the rear of the lights.

Open the hood, above the head lights are 2 "L" shape rods, turn each rod and pull them out, this will release the head lamp housing. Once it is out you can then release the DRL/turn signal housing by releasing the retainer clip located behind the turn signal housing. The exact details with pictures are located in the Owner's manual on page 5-55

I also cannot replace the bulb. A five minute job turns bad, and makes me feel like a moron. I believe the 2003 cavalier has a design flaw in that the access hole is too small to get the bulb casing out and in easily.

Alright - I took my car to the dealership, and I watched how they did it. They had to remove or loosen the three nuts that hold the light in place. Once these were removed, they were able to get enough room to remove and reinstall the bulb assembly. You should be able to to the same for yours.

Ed's response about the rear driver's side turn signal light on the 2003 Cavalier works. I had to completely take the three nuts off the rear light assembly, lift the assembly away from the body of the car, and then carefully lift up the rubber gasket close to the area where the socket interferes with the lamp assembly. By the way, there is a recall on 2003 Cavaliers for turn signal problems. I will be calling my dealer this week for details.

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Q: How do you replace a daytime running light bulb and a rear tail light bulb on a 2003 Chevy Cavalier?
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