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How do you replace a delta single handled bathroom sink faucet washer?


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May 12, 2012 4:22PM

It doesn't have a washer, it uses two small cups with springs under them. A repair kit is available for about $4. Shut the water off. Take the handle off. There should be a set screw in the front of the handle at the bottom. May have a cover plug in the hole. Under the handle is the ring or cap that holds the cartridge in. Unscrew this and the control ball that the handle was attached to will lift out ant the cups and springs are in the hole under the ball. Replace both cups and springs with new and reassemble the faucet. The springs may have one end smaller than the other, if so, that end goes up. Check the bottom of the ball for rust. It can build up and tear up the new cup fairly quickly. It should clean off fairly easily. Don't use anything too abrasive as this will leave scratches which will tear the cup also. Baking soda, white tooth paste should do the job.