How do you replace a dome light in a Pontiac vibe?

1) Removal of plastic bulb cover/lens: With your fingertips, pull rearward on the front edge of the plastic cover. You will need to bend the plastic cover slightly. After moving it rearward slightly, pull reaward and downward. The cover will snap off. After removing, you will see the tabs that hold the cover in place. 2)Changing bulb: The bulb can be pulled out. Do not touch the glass of the new bulb. With clean hands, use a tissue or paper towel to handle the bulb. The oil from you fingers will create a hot spot on the bulb and make it burn out sooner. If you do touch it, wash and rinse it with rubbing alchohol. 3) Reinstall bulb cover: Insert the tabs on the cover into the slots in the rear of the dome light. Pull rearward on the front of the bulb cover, bending the cover slighty. While pulling rearward, push upward on the cover, and it will snap back into place.