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How do you replace a driver side rear view mirror on an 1995 Nissan Altima GXE?

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2009-02-17 21:38:04
2009-02-17 21:38:04

To replace the mirror on the drivers side door:

1. unscrew the screw located in the doors hand grip

2. unscrew the 3 screws located at the bottom of the door

3. pop out the tab located on the side of the door (its a press in)

4. Now take the door skin off and set to the side.

5. take a small screwdriver and pop the center cap of the mirror brace out (its located in the center of the black mirror part on the INSIDE part of the car door)

6. unscrew the 2 screws out of the mirror holder

7. Take a 10MM socket and take the three screws out of the frame holder

8. pull the plastic down about 16 inches and disconnect the mirrors electrical connector

9. pull the mirror out of the car.

To install the replacement, just do it in reverse

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