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How do you replace a fog light on a 94 Chevy Camaro?


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2010-09-22 14:43:27
2010-09-22 14:43:27

You have to get "under" the front bumber cover just to replace the bulb. I cut flappers in mine, just big enough to get my hand in to the back of the light. This kept me from undoing the whole underside of the cover.

this is one way but the hard way. you can undo the adjusting screw on top of fog light and then it has two plastic pins on the sides. you get needle nose pliars and pull out the little stud and it they come out its s lil tricky but they come out a lot easier than taking bumper off. then you twist the white thing from the lamp and wala.


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Replace the bulb frome underside of the car.

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Remove fog light bolts and lower the housing.Then just rotate the bulb and remove, replace and reinstall.

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The price for a fog light on a Chevy Cavalier varies slightly by the year of the car. This part can be purchased between 20.50 and 24.99 at most auto stores.

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There is an access panel in front of the front wheels, up under the car. Remove the two bolts holding this panel shut and reach up to the fog light assembly. Unscrew the bulb (Sylvania 894) and unclip wiring harness.

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The video available on youtube can help you replace fog lights in a 2012 camaro, however, you can also take your car to the workshop for your convenience.

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