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How do you replace a front Left wheel bearing on a 1998 Saturn Sl2?

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2009-07-16 05:25:42

After removing the steering knuckle place it on a vise. Place a

big impact socket (30mm+) on the bearing and smack it with a sledge

hammer. Use WD-40 to help it. Don't forget to remove the

metal clip before any of this. If you don't have a vise use 2

bricks or something similar. Bricks might break. Good luck. machine

shop oooOoOooOooo whatever

as far as i know, without a slew of special tools, you will

probably not beable to change the wheel bearing by yourself. the

bearing is pressed into the spindle, and the dish that holds the

studs is pressed into the bearing. you will probably need to take

the spinde off, and have the bearing pressed out, and back in, at a

machine shop.

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