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The fuel is located under the car on the passenger side, between the rear wheels. There is a clamp that holds it up to the cars underside. Use either a ratchet, or straight head screwdriver to loosen the clamp up. Once the clamp is loose, you can slide the fuel filter either way. The fuel filter has two fuel lines connected to both sides. Make sure you remember the direction of fuel flow, before disconnecting the plastic clips that hold the fuel lines to the filter on either side. Using a straight head screwdriver, place under the flat side of plastic fuel line clip, & wiggle it off, they will probally crack or break. This is O.K. because a new fuel filter will have new clips for the fuel lines being held to the fuel filter. Once the clips are removed, pull the lines off, fuel will drain out of lines & filter, this is normal. Remove old filter, once again remembering the direction of fuel flow, marked on the filter with a arrow. Now reverse the order, & put on the new one.

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Q: How do you replace a fuel filter on a 1995 Mercury Mystique?
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