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GMC VANDURA FUEL PUMP REPLACEMENT (CAB AND CHASSIS/WITH BOX) (((*on GMC Vandura cab and chassis box vans remember that most boxes are aftermarket so my assembly may very from yours slightly to dramatically always consult other sources before attempting any DIY projects*)))

(((*Please use caution and take safety precautions whenever performing any DIY mechanic work.*)))

I'm a do it yourselfer, I've always done my own oil changes and basic maintenance, but never something this big. I'm 24 and my family business has a GMC 3500 V8, which two years ago had a 1991 350 LT1 Caprice engine changed out from a previously blown out motor (makes no difference to the tank). Anyways one day the engine began having problems in hesitation after it got warmed up (10-15 min in town driving), It would occasionally not accelerate. When you would let off the accelerator no problem but push again and it hesitated. It was pretty much identified as fuel pump so, on a budget I was assigned to learn to fix the problem and be paid a minimal amount for my work.

The pump cost around $40.00 and I bought some new hose for the main fuel entry line ($13.25 a foot, ouch), and the strainer sock for the pump around $5.00 I studied a site picture tour for ideas This was the closest site I could find with pictures similar to what I needed. Then I went to work. Try and run the tank very low on gas if applicable, if not try and siphon the tank dry (I didn�t have much luck siphoning.)

1# I first removed the fuel pump fuse (under the drivers seat near brake/gas pedals) to ensure no sparks, and removed the negative terminal post on the battery to be safe. Following that up with locating the tank underneath the truck towards the back centered between the tires (it�s a big one)

2# I disconnected the main entry line (sending line), and the relay line that connects at the filler hose (where you put in the gas at a gas station). This later seemed unnecessary because the main pieces are near the gas tank (one a neck on the tank another a relay line next to it that went above the tank.

3# I placed two jack stands underneath the tank to support it while I loosened and eventually removed the nuts from the strapping bolts. After the bolts were removed I removed the bracing straps (you might want to replace these, a brittle brace is dangerous). I then had another person help me remove the jacks and slowly lower the tank down. Located on top of the tank should be the top assembly for the fuel pump and floater with three fuel lines, an electrical line and a lock ring on the top. From there I marked each line 1, 2, and 3 before removing them from the tank. I disconnected the electrical line as well. (**be careful depending on who put in that electrical work they may not have left much slack**, which was my case, if so follow 3B attachment)

  • ** 3B:this line follows through two passage holes in the frame and has a disconnect in front of the passenger side rear tires, disconnect it before hand, and undo the small clamp that holds wire directly before the passage holes in front of the tires, pull it towards the tank through the passage holes to give yourself that slack**

4# I removed the tank from underneath the truck by carefully lifting and sliding it out from under the chassis. Once out I had to remove the clamping ring on top of the fuel pump,(located on top of the gas tank)(be sure to clean this area before removing pump)I found a hammer and flathead screwdriver gently tapped against the tines of the locking ring in a counter clockwise motion worked. I gently removed the fuel pump and floater arm careful not to bend it (if applicable).

5# I studied the pump and looked at my replacement pump and assembly to understand how it all went together (you gotta figure that out, because there are many types, mine did not need the electrical assembly, but I replaced everything else)

6# I removed the old pump, put the new pump together and attached it to the pump assembly.

7# I placed the pump/floater assembly back in the tank, (check if the tank is dirty, couldn�t hurt to clean it out if it is) replaced the seal ring(new one, should come with the pump) and put the locking ring back in place (clockwise turn to tighten back down)

8# I pulled the tank back under the truck and connected all marked hoses and re-ran the electrical connector back through the passage holes and connected it. I replaced all the hoses I wanted replaced, and made sure I had all my fasteners and bolts.

9# I took the hooks for the straps (which are just "J" bolts) and removed them from their holes on the frame, and re-attached the small assembly on the braces, but don�t thread them up more than a third of the way (this is much easier in putting on the braces. It has less tension on it.)

10# I slowly lift up (with another persons help) and place the tank back up and reconnect the main sending line. Then with another persons help fit the tank back into place (this was difficult for me) and put the j bolts back in place in the holes in the frame(as I mentioned before about 1/3 way threaded was enough slack for me).

11#I then had to SLOWLY tighten the braces back up while I placed force against the tank to tighten it as best I could back against the frame. I reconnected the relay line which had its detachment/reconnect area next to/above the tank

12# I made sure everything was connected well and secure. I replaced the battery terminal post, then and fuse to the fuel pump.

13# (key in ignition) After two or three times of pumping and turning on the ignition my truck started up with a healthy roar (Vandura�s don�t purr). Make sure to keep an eye out for leaks and run it around the block a couple of times to make sure it�s warmed up and you should be good to go, check for leaks for the next few days, and that�s it hope I could help people out there because before this I couldn�t find I a single page that could help me with even remotely close to this and I didn�t have access to a Chilton/Haynes manual either.

14# If you have comments to add feel free or if I could be corrected by all means I�m a novice so any extra knowledge is appreciated.

Answerforgot I used a crescent wrench for the straps and a crescent wrench and pair of plyers to remove the fuel lines from the tope of the tank leading to the fuel tank.
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Q: How do you replace a fuel pump on a GMC vandura?
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Where is fuel filter

Where is the fuel pump relay on a 1995 gmc 3500 vandura?

driver side underhood

Where is the fuel pump on a 1995 GMC Vandura Van 350 engine 5.7 single tank?

inside fuel tank

Where does the red wire for the fuel pump on a 1990 GMC Vandura 1500 V8 go?

hot wire

Where is the fuel pump relay ona GMC Vandura?

It's not under the hood on drivers side, the battery is and that's it no fuel relay.

How do you replace a fuel pump in a 1996 gmc jimmy?

drain the fuel tank. drop the fuel tank. pull the pump out and replace. drain the fuel tank. drop the fuel tank. pull the pump out and replace.

How do you replace fuel pump on a 2003 gmc sierra?

You have to remove the fuel tank to gain access to the fuel pump.

Where is the fuel pump on a 1998 gmc jimmy?

the fuel pump is in the gas tank the tank must be removed to replace the pump

1993 gmc vandura 3500 i replace the gas pump and make sure it works but the engine is not responding its not ingecting gas in to the engine is it the injectors or some electrical thing?

Be sure the fuses and pump relay is good and that you have replaced the fuel filter.

How do you replace a fuel pump on a 1997 GMC Savana?

you can do the math. XD

Do you need to drop transmission to replace fuel pump in gmc safari?


Where is the fuel pump for a 1991 GMC suburban?

fuel pump is locatedin the fuel tank. you will have to drop the tank to replace. I recently have done this on my suburban.

How do I replace electric fuel pump in 1998 gmc safari van?

Remove fuel tank

Where is the fuel pump for a 1995 gmc vandura 2500?

the fuel pump is inside the fuel tank. drop the tank then remove the round lock ring on the top of the tank and pull it out. just watch the edge of the hole. IT'S SHARP!!

How much does it cost to replace a fuel pump in a gmc sierra 1500?

depends on what year my 2000 gmc sierra fule pump is in the gas tank, about 180.00 just for the pump.

Where is the fuel filter on a 94 gmc vandura 2500?

Answer to: Where to find the fuel filter for a 1994 GMC Vandura 2500? Try looking on the under carriage just below the driver's door. There you should find a 3" cannister on the fuel line.

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The fuel pump is in the fuel tank and the fuel tank will have to be removed to access it. If you do not have the skill or equipment to do this properly, I suggest taking it to a shop.

What causes a 1991 GMC Vandura 2500 to flood out and stall while driving?

I would start with replacing the fuel filter if you haven't already done so. Then check the fuel pump.

How do you replace a fuel pump on a 1999 GMC Sierra ext cab 4x4?

the fuel pump is in the gas tank.remove gas tank,be careful of fuel lines do not break them

How often should the fuel pump be replaced in a 1995 GMC K1500?

You replace it when it fails.

How do you replace the fuel pump on a 96 gmc truck?

you either drop your fuel tank. or remove your box from the frame to gain access to your fuel pump..always replace the filter alond the frame rail as well.

Where is fuel pump relay on 1991 gmc vandura located?

The fuel pump relay in located on the firewall (as you are looking under the hood)on the left hand side near the center (it's the funny looking oval shaped relay)

Where is the fuel safety switch located on a 1993 GMC Vandura Van?

There is not one.

Replacing sending line on a 98 GMC Jimmy?

To replace the fuel pump, you must unhook the fuel lines from the fuel tank and remove the fuel tank from the vehicle. The fuel pump is actually inside the tank.

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