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Q: How do you replace a glass rear window in a 94 Lebaron with a plastic one?
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In a 1991 lebaron convertible can the plastic window be replaced by a glass window?

Yes! If you have a zipout window. It will require top half open. Then the lower panel removal, re-stapling of the new meterial to the panel. Good luck tight fit.

How do you replace door glass in Daewoo Lanos?

You need to unscrew the plastic of the door and remove the plastic handle then get the window low you will see 2 plastic screw, unscrew and then you have to pull up the window with your hands. It's very easy.... :)

Which of the plastic is used as a substitute for window glass?


How much does it cost to replace double pane window glass?

The cost to replace a double pane of window glass depends on many factors. The price will be relative to the size of the window that needs replacing, the quality of the glass and the company that one uses to replace it.

If the plastic pieces break off the window after replacing the window regulator of a 2002 grandam do you have to replace the glass or can you buy the pieces to go on the window?

You can buy new plastic pieces. They are called sash clips and they are a dealer only item and they run about 10-20$ a piece

How to Replace window glass on a Nissan altima?

I need to replace the back window of a 1999 Nissan Altima how do I do this

What material would you replace with plastic?


How do you repair a crack in a single pane glass window?

Eventually, you have to replace the pane of glass. To do it yourself, you measure the window opening and go to a hardware or glass shop. They will cut the glass and you can replace the window, using caulk. Alternatively, your home insurance may cover broken glass and you can have it done for you.

What objects are translucent?

Example are :plastic and fog glass window.

What material is a car window?

glass with a layer of plastic to prevent the window from coming part if broken.

How do you replace driver side glass Mercedes?

Remove the door panel of your Mercedes-Benz. Remove the window glass retaining clips. Remove the window glass. Reverse the process to install your new window glass.

How do you replace the driver's side manual rear window glass on a 1996 Pontiac Grand Am SE?

Remove the door panel, then remove the plastic sheeting. Then you can gai access to the window tracking. Remove the two 10mm nuts, that hold the window glass to the upper track. Remove the glass from the door, and install the new one in the reverse procedure.

Why do you use glass and not plastic to make windows?

Glass is more durable than plastic. Plastic is a porous material, which means with absorbs moisture and contaminants. Plastic will also deteriorate when exposed to sunlight. Basically a plastic window would turn yellow and become brittle after only a few years, where a glass window will remain clear and strong for a very long time.

Which plastic can replace glass?

polycarbonate is one which is often used

Another example of transparent?

Window, Plastic, Glasses/Spectacles, and a glass cup

How can one replace a driver side car window?

To replace the car window on the driver side you will need to follow the following steps. 1. Disconnect the car battery if the window has automatic controls. 2. Remove the window trim and disconnect the window from manual or automatic controls. 3. Unbolt the regulator that holds the glass and remove the glass. 4. Replace the glass and reattach the regulator, controls and trim.

Where can I get service auto glass?

You can go to a junk yard to see if they have any full glass you can get to replace the window or windshield. Or you can look for a discount auto parts place that can replace your glass for a discount.

How do you replace window glass on side door of 2000 econoline 150 cargo van?

Call Safelite glass

How do you fix a sunroof leak on a 1990 legend?

replace the glass or get window sealant

Where can you get the center window for your bay window?

If you know who made it the factory should be able to supply. If it is stationary and double paned then most glass companies should be able to supply a new glass. Should be able to install new glass in old window even if the frame in solid around glass. There is always a way to replace any window glass.

How do replace the glass clips on drivers door glass of 1995 grand prix se?

how do you replace the drivers window clips on the glass od a 1995 grand prix se 2 door?

Examples of transperent objects?

plastic container, glass chandelier, clear pencil case and window.

What if your window on passenger side fell into door?

Broken window glass sash clips or door glass attaching clips.Here's how to fix:

What is the probability of breaking a glass window with a plastic football?

That depends on what plastic and the size and thickness of the glass window.If it is a foam plastic "nerf" ball than the chance is VERY low (for any window). If the ball is an inflated tough plastic (similar to a leather football) and the window is big enough but not too big and thin enough then the probability is GREAT, if the ball is thrown/kicked hard.There are just too many variables in the question to give a one word (number) answer!

How do I replace glass to repair windows?

If you need to replace a damaged window you will need a screw driver screws and a new window pane. First remove the broken one then replace with new pane and screw in.