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I had previous experience with a Honda headlight which was very simple. The housing for the Protege 5 is not easy at all to get to. There is a rubber ring that has to be removed to get to the bulb assembly. The bulb assembly is awkward and doesn't easily slide out and back in. I messed with mine for quite awhile, got it installed, and then had it only working part of the time. Finally I took it to the dealer...$78 later... It might not be worth the aggravation to try it yourself!!

I just figured it out. Once you take the rubber ring off you will notice that you can not pull it out. It will move just a big but not enough to get it out. I worked on it for about an hour then somehow I realized that the "cage" that its in actually pulls out. There is a latch on the side that you push in and unhook then the wire cage swivels to the side allowing the bulb to come out. Leave it out to the side and replace the bulb. Once you put the new bulb in, just close the cage and re-hook the latch. Once you know how it to do it, is should only time a few seconds

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Q: How do you replace a headlight bulb on a 2002 Mazda Protege?
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