How do you replace a headlight on a 1999 Mazda Miata?

'99 miata headlight bulb replacement

  1. Its a Halogen bulb so you dont replace the whole headlight assembly, just the bulb.
  2. From engine compartment, unplug the bulb connector on bad bulb
  3. Remove the rubber ring covering the area by pulling on the tabs.
  4. Remove the bulb by depressing the spring clip and swinging it out, similar to a safety pin.
  5. Remove the halagon bulb, careful not to touch the surface of the new bulb with your fingers.
  6. Replace in reverse order.

'99 miata headlamp assembly replacement

If you are interested in replacing the whole assembly (typically because of a cracked lense) it is advisable to remove the bumper. The headlamp is then held in by the large black plastic tab at the top by the bolt visible once the hood is opened. Once the electrical harnesses are removed, you must firmly pull the headlamp directly out towards the front of the car.