How do you replace a heated and powered passenger side mirror on a 1998 Chevy Blazer?

For a 98 S-10 Blazer, Tools: #2 Phillips screwdriver, a tool designed for interior door panel removal (a long flat screwdriver will work), metric socket set. 1. Pull back inside door handle, remove Phillips screw holding plastic trim piece on. Pull trim piece out, the right side of trim piece has plastic tab, pull to the left to disengage, rotate trim piece down while pulling out handle to remove. 2. Remove two bolts under arm rest using socket set. 3. Starting at top corner of interior door panel, pry back to release plastic panel clips. Work down and under panel to release clips. Do this carefully trying not to break clips. Lift up slightly after all clips are released to release panel from window slot. 4. Using socket set remove three nuts from bolts holding mirror to door. Pull out cable and unplug 5 pin connector. 5. Reverse directions to install new mirror. I did this in about an hour.