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How do you replace a heater coil?

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2008-04-10 00:35:47

Cost me $230 to have mine replaced. Had to take it to a shop.

This is not a job for the shade tree boys. each make of vehicle can

be different, sometimes very different. some do require a qualified

mechanic. others are not so bad. the heater CORE is under the dash.

sometimes relatively easily accessible. if you think you can do it.

first, just to be sure you can get to it yourself, remove a few

panels and covers from the underside of the dash. usually the

passenger side, sometimes right in the middle of the car, kinda

behind the radio(hard to explain in any detail because they all

vary, you just have to have a sense of what you need to look for).

the heater core looks like a very small radiator with two pipes

coming off of it. if you think you've found it. with the engine

cool, drain the coolant. remove the two heater hoses (that lead to

the firewall)from under the hood of the car. these are roughly an

inch in diameter and quite close together. remove the heater core

and you get it from here. hope i didn't forget anything.

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