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Ford Crown Victoria

How do you replace a heater core on a 1985 crown Victoria?


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The dash has to be removed to gain access to the heater box. The heater box then comes out and is split open to replace the core.


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Ford has never produced a Crown Victoria with a V6 engine. In 1985 Ford installed the 255 V8 and 302 V8 engines. The V6 engine wouldn't produce enough horse power for the heavy Crown Victoria.

You can find the starter for the 1985 Lincoln Crown Victoria LTD online at places like Rock Auto. AutoZone also offers the starter for this vehicle.

Domestic cars back in 1985 did not have cabin filters.

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Remove the water supply hoses from your 1985 Chevy heater core. Remove the heater core retaining bolts. The heater core will come out. Reverse the process to install your new heater core.

To replace the heater core of a 1985 Bronco 2, open the glove box and push on the 2 tabs that hold it in place. After removing the entire glove box, remove the round plastic screws of the heater core. Remove the old and replace with a new one.

Check at the battery with a volt meter, Should have over 14 volts when engine is running. If not, possibly have to replace the alt. or check all the wires.

As far as I know both the 5.0 and 5.8 liter V8 engines in a ( 1985 ) LTD Crown Victoria have a carburetor ( starting with the 1986 model , the 5.0 liter V8 engine was fuel injected , but the 5.8 still used a carburetor )

The fuel filter is located on the back of the fuel tank close to the right rear wheel

Should be marked oil. Should be on the valve cover.

Blow up, like break, or fall off. Most likely the bearing is shot. Not an expensive part to change. You have to replace the water pump with a rebuilt one.

If they disconnected the heater core, it means it was leaking. Get a manual on your car from the parts store and it will show you how to replace the heater core also

get a manual on your car from DISCOUNTAUTOREPAIRMANUALS.COM and it will help on the next repair also. This is not an easy job.

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I own a 1985 Crown Victoria and had the same problem. It started small. It only fogged up when I would stop and leave the engine running. The problem got worse and we discovered the heater core had small pinholes in it and that the fluid was leaking into the heating system and actually putting vaporized steam mixed with the vaporized antifreese into the car and causing the window to gof up. It got so bad that it was actually putting a steam cloud into the cab of the car. You should have your heater core checked first.

you have to remove the dashboard top. It is located in the right hand side of the dash. It is a little work but you can get it out.

Remove the water supply lines to your 1985 Pontiac Trans Am heater core. Remove the heater core retaining bolts. The heater core will come out. Reverse the process to install your new heater core.

You can find the 1985 VW heater core behind the drivers side kick plate. You will need to remove the kick plate in order to access the heater core.

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