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It is a pretty good job. Get a manual for your car from the parts store and it will give you directions.

On the 1993, disconnect the heater hoses under the car, and connect the water hose back to the engine so that engine water will circulate if you can't do the replacement immediately. Remove the dash and the fan housing, move the AC evaporator out of the way, and then pull the heater core out.

Im not sure if the GT is different from the SE but for the SE you will find it located behind the radio. A manual is always the best advice. After removing the glove boxes (mine has two) and gaining entry from the drivers side under the dash you will find the housing and venting. On the firewall in the very middle at the bottom you will find two hoses that go into the car. They should only be about 3-4 inches apart. They are quite a good squeeze to get your hands on but it is possible. Remove the hoses from the heater core. Once the housing inside the dash is remove (6-8 screws) you will see the heater core. Undo the band that goes across the top and bottom. Remove the heater core. Do everything in reverse for installation. Mine took me and my brother in law about 4 hours to do. Getting the hoses off and back on from the outside are probably the hardest part.

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Q: How do you replace a heater core on a 1994 Pontiac Grand Am GT?
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