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How do you replace a kick start shaft on a Honda CT90?

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To replace the kickstart shaft on a CT90 the entire engine must be disassembled and crankcase split in order to gain access to it, it can be a difficult job and will require some mechanical knowledge and a manual. it is quite expensive as all gaskets have to be replaced and the whole engine has to be reassembled after wards. so unless you are after a perfect rebuild or are going to be performing some bottom end or gearbox work on the engine it is not really worth it unless you willing to pay the cost. otherwise you can just simply roll start it.
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How to replace a 1989 Honda Prelude axle shaft?

Answer . Once you have the car off of the ground safely. Remove your tire, brakes, and rotor. Now you have to unbolt the balljoint, and tie rod if necesary, and the hub. Y

How do you replace a drive shaft in a 1991 Honda accord?

loosen the axle nut\n. \nloosen the lug nuts\n. \nraise the front\n. \nremove the wheels\n. \ndrain the trans fluid\n. \nrelease the ball joint nut, but don't remove it\n

Is a Honda vtr 1000 kick start?

no, Honda VTR 1000 (fire-storm / superhawk) is electronic start only, or jump start, no kick start on it

How do you install kick start gear on Honda spree?

The Honda Spree/Elite 50 Forum has a great page on this and on many other Spree-related articles. Here's the link for the how-to article:

How do you kick start a 1982 Honda XR500R?

Put the choke in the full choke position.. Hold the compression release in, twist the throttle fully open and kick the kick starter 8 times.. move the choke to the half chok

How do i replace a Honda Civic half shaft?

are you talking about the complete cv joint and axle? my suggestion would be go to a local auto parts store and purchase a Haynes repair manual for your specific make and mode

Convert Honda express to kick start?

You need a totally different left engine cover assembly with the kick start componenets. Easier just to get a whole moteor with the kick start, which they starting using in 80
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Where can one purchase a Honda CT90?

The Honda CT90 was manufactured from 1966 through 1979. Since it is now a collector's item, you might try looking at classifieds or checking for members of hobby clubs who wi