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How do you replace a leaking fuel tank on a 1994 GEO PRIZM LSI 1.8L?


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2015-07-15 20:56:23
2015-07-15 20:56:23

You'll have to drain the tank first. This will make it easier to handle. Take off the gas cap first of all and disconnect your battery. Take the back seat cushion out and remove your fuel pump access cover. Disconnect the wire connectors to the pump then jack the car up and support it with jackstands. Next you remove the center exhaust pipe and heat insulator. Then you disconnect the parking brake cables and move them aside. Now you disconnect the fuel lines and the filler hose. Make sure you plug these hoses to prevent gas leaking out. Last thing is to remove the straps and gently lower the tank. You may want to have a floor jack with a board on it to support the tank. And it wouldn't hurt to have someone assist when you lower it and pull it out.


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Replace the part that is leaking

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Take of the front tire, driver side. The fuel filter is right there.

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replace the rubber o rings u may have to replace the injector if its leaking fuel through it

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