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first you remove the actual license plate,then remove the 6 remaining screws that are on the silver plate that's behind the license plate!once u have done this>pop the trunk and take a few push in holders(i dont know the names of these>>they're black though)that hold the carpet on the top of the trunk lid.take out just enough so u can see the 2 screws that hold the license plate sidemarker lights on>.unscrew these also>.will only be two>one on left and one on right.once you have done this go back to the outside of the car where the license plate is and pull on the entire license plate assembly and it will come out just like that.once it's out you will see the little light bulb and u will see that now u have clearance to get to it and change/replace took me about 2 hours to figure this out on my own>i first thought it would be a 5 minute job,but it wasn' can be now that i know EXACTLY what to do next time.this has to help whomever has to change the license plate light bulb on a 97-99 Cadillac deville,maybe other models of cadillacs r like this also.

four screws behind the state plat and yes like this through 2004

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Q: How do you replace a licence plate lamp on a 1998 Cadillac deVille?
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Where is the ecu located in a 1993 cadillac Deville?

The ECU on a 1993 Cadillac Deville is behind the glove box. To remove the ECU, remove the bolt and pull down the plate.

Where on the vehicle is the gas cap of a 1994 Fleetwood Cadillac?

behind licence plate

How do you replace license plate bulb on 2004 crv?

how do you replace a honda crv licence plate bulb on a 2004

How do you replace a licence plate lamp on a 1989 Cadillac deVille?

This is an easy one, but.... I spent a good half an hour figuring it out. The license plate lamp requires no tools to replace. Above the license plate is a small bulb housing. At the back of the bulb housing is the bulb socket that locks into place. Simply turn the socket 90 degrees moving the socket clockwise as you're facing the rear of the car and wiggle it out. The bulb simply pulls out and the new one pushes in!

can I check by licence plate?

can I check by licence plate

How do you replace a fuel level sensor in a 2000 Cadillac Deville?

Drop the fuel tank. Remove the fuel pump and sending unit assy. This is incorrect, the 2000 up deville has an access plate in the trunk, pull out the mat and it will be obvious you can change full sending unit and pump through it.

How do you replace a licence plate bulb on a 1995 Buick Lesabre?

Take it to a Buick Dealership

licence plate NC?

who owns vehicle with licence plate ABN 4886

How do you fix the fuse to the license plate bulb on 1994 cadillac deville?

pop your hood and find the what "FUSE PANEL" find the fuse marked Parking lights and replace it. Its that simple. it might not be a fuse have you replaced the bulb or checked your contacts from your wiring?

How can you repair a 1998 cadillac deville license plate light?

my name is Jesse fondotsto replace a license plate light you first have to open the trunk of the car take out the carpet on the top of the trunk after that you will see two little black screws you take them out after you do that the silver peice will come off but before you can replace it you must take the two little screws out that are located right above the license plate. your welcome!

How do you replace license plate bulbs on 2003 cadillac deville?

pop out the light assembly with a screwdriver and change the bulb. your receptacle may be taking in water at the car wash. duct tape over lens before going through automatic car wash.

Where is the fuse for the rear license plate on a 2000 Cadillac deville?

what is the number for the fuse to change the rear license plate light. and is it the fuse box under the back seat or under the hood? The plate light is protected by the parking/tail light circuit.

How do you replace the license plate light bulb on a 2008 Cadillac STS?

if your under miles its under warrenty

How do you replace licence plate bulbs on 03 Ford Focus station wagon?

bring it to your ford dealer, that's what techs are there for.

How do you replace the plate bulb on 2004 corolla?

My owner's manual advises not to attempt to replace licence plate bulb, should take it to dealer to avoid damaging the vehicle, sounds weird but there it is for what its worth. Cheers Ron calgary...

How do you change a bulb for license plate for a 91 deville?

Open the trunk and look for all the bolts that hold the chrome bezel that surrounds the license plate Take off the licence plate and remove the bolts behind it. Once you have all the bolts out remove the bezel and you eill have access to the bulb

Can you put 24's on 93 Cadillac deville if i lift it 2in'?

you cam in the back you just gotta get something custom done to the front the strut plate is in they way

How do you replace the alternator on a 1994 Cadillac Seville STS?

There is a plate under the car on passenger side. Remove this plate and you will be able to see the alternator. I think it has three bolts.

Where is the starter relay on a 2002 Cadillac deville?

its one of the larger modules in the fuse box under the hood, its written whats where under the plastic top plate at least in my 2000 cad

Can you change the color of your license plate?

No. The licence plate cannot be altered.

Can you have less than 7 digits on a license plate?

Different countries have different rules for licence plate formats. The question does not specify a region for which you wish to know about the licence plate.

Is it OK to have a Montevideo license plate on front of vehicle and Florida license plate on the back?

No, in Uruguay is obligatory to have the legal licence plate in the back. You can use the other legal licence plate they give you in the front also or put whatever you want.

Power windows wont work on a 1999 Cadillac eldorado?

Replace power window relay.Located under drivers side scuff plate.

What is the state licence plate?


How do you replace the license plate bulb on 1999 Cadillac eldorado?

I have a 94 not sure if they are the same but behind the license plate was mine Good luck Answer Improvement (Sept 5. 2010) Remove 4 license plate screws and licence plate Remove 4 hex head screws that hold the license plate/backup light assembly Rotate the license plate/backup light assembly around 180 degrees so you can get to the light bulb holders Carefully turn bulb holders 1/4 and remove bulb holder Carefully remove old bulb and replace with new bulb (#194) Reverse these step to reassemble