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You can't really replace it. You may be able to replace a broken lens if you're careful but if your problem is with the driver's side and its a manual mirror you're going to half to buy a whole new unit and get it painted to match your car. I've had to do this twice on my 96 with manual mirrors. The control guide wires attach to a plasic addembly inside the mirror. They eventually break loose from the back of the assembly making it useless. It's not repairable either because there is no access to the bolts that hold the mechanism to the mirror body unless the mirror is has the cables broken in which case it's a moot point.

If you mean replace the whole assembly that's much easier. Remove the small screw near the center of the triangular piece of plastic inside the door opposite the mirror. Pop the plastic off and you'll find two bolts. remove those bolts and the mirror just falls off.

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Q: How do you replace a manual passenger side outside mirror on a 1994 Chevy Camaro?
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