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How do you replace a passenger side window in a '96 Grand Prix?

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It is rather complicated if you have never done it before. I would suggest taking it to a trim shop. GoodluckJoe

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How do you replace the driver's side window regulator?

Driver Side Window Regulator Assembly replace on 2004 pontiac grand prix

How do you fix the window pulley on a 2003 Pontiac Grand Prix?

You will have to replace the regulator assembly.

How do replace the glass clips on drivers door glass of 1995 grand prix se?

how do you replace the drivers window clips on the glass od a 1995 grand prix se 2 door?

How do you replace a water pump on 2001 Grand prix?

How do you replace a water pump on 2001 Grand prix?" How do you replace a water pump on 2001 Grand prix?"

How do you replace electric window motors Pontiac Grand Prix?

In order to replace the electric window motors on a Pontiac Grand Prix you will need to unscrew the Torx screws on the door, life it back to remove the plastic pieces. Remove all connectors, and the plastic covers.

How do you replace a 1996 grand prix front bumper?

How do you replace a 1996 Grand Prix front bumper?

How do you Replace the thermostat in a 2005 grand prix gt?

How do you Replace the thermostat in a 2005 grand prix gt

How do you replace the fuel pump in a 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix?

How do I replace a fuel pump on a 2000 grand prix gtp

How do you replace the fan control switch on a 2002 Grand Prix?

"How do you replace the fan control switch on a 2002 Grand Prix?"

How do you replace the brake lights on a 2000 grand prix?

need more information is it the tail lights or the 3rd one in the spoiler or window

How do you replace the fuel sensor in a 2003 Grand Prix?

replacing a fuel sensor on a 2003 grand prix?

How do you access the evaporator coil on a 95 grand prix?

how do you replace evaporator coil 95 grand prix

How do you fix power windows on a 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix?

http://www.a1electric.com/grandam.htm <-- this is the original answer. It shows a Grand Am, which is different. Here's a Grand Prix: http://www.paulstravelpictures.com/Grand-Prix-Window-Motor/index.html

How do you replace the blower motor in a 04 grand prix?

o4 grand prix gt blower motor were is it located

How do you replace driver side airbags from Pontiac Grand Prix?

how do you remove a driverside airbag from a 1999 grand prix

Is Pontaic 1999 Grand Prix a good car?

Decent cars, so long as they've been properly maintained and not abused. One recurring problem with both the Grand Am and Grand Prix is that power window motors have a tendency to go out, and they're not cheap to replace.

How do I Replace light in 2000 grand prix radio?

How do I Replace light in 2000 grand prix radio?" This space is for answering "http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_do_I_Replace_light_in_2000_grand_prix_radio"

How do you get the air bag on passenger side unhooked in 2002 grand prix?

I just want to replace the hatch cover, will the bag deploy when I pry it off?

How can you replace the serpentine belt on a 97 grand prix?

....2 ways to replace the best. There is a pictogram on the engine cover; passenger side. On the box containing the new belt there will a diagram for your vehicle.

How do i Change the battery in a 97 grand prix?

Take out bracket and window wash unit on passenger side front. Room enough to disconnect and lift out battery. JK

What do you check if a 1990 Grand Prix passenger window stopped working?

the fastest way t o rule out any relays is to get at the window motor and give it a tap with a small hammer. If the motor works after that then the problem is with the window motor. the window motor should then be replaced!!!!

What Countries compete in the Grand Prix?

Alot of counties that are rich enough to buy the fuel* http://wikicars.org/en/Grand_Prix_motor_racing * Avus Grand Prix * Bari Grand Prix * Belgian Grand Prix * Belgrade Grand Prix * Coppa Acerbo * Coppa Ciano * Czech Grand Prix * Donington Grand Prix * Dutch Grand Prix * French Grand Prix * German Grand Prix * Hungarian Grand Prix * Italian Grand Prix * Milan Grand Prix* Mille Miglia * Monaco Grand Prix * Moroccan Grand Prix * Penya Rhin Grand Prix * San Sebastian Grand Prix * Spanish Grand Prix * Swiss Grand Prix * Targa Florio * Tripoli Grand Prix * Tunis Grand Prix * United States Grand Prix * Vanderbilt Cup * Zandvoort Grand Prix

What color and amperes to replace wiper fuse on 1993 Pontiac Grand Prix?

Need to replace fuses on 1993 Grand Prix. Need to know ampere and color of the fuses.

Why does my 2001 Grand Prix send AC to the driver side and Heat to the passenger when both climate controls are set to cold?

Could the heater door actuator be bad? What is the cost to replace? This Grand Prix has a dual-zone climate control and when the AC is on, the passenger side vents often change to heat when the control is still on cold.

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