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This is a work in progress - replacing rear passenger side window regulator with broken cable on '91 Ford Explorer:

Caution: Expect the entire exercise to take the larger part of your weekend.

Remove all interior door handles, trim, plastic backing and speakers; remove all exterior trim including the rubber gaskets, small rear window section and window guides. If you do not how to get here, I suggest that you do not attempt this task because it is probably beyond your capability. No insult intended, Ford made it rather difficult to perform the next step.

Remove window: drill out aluminum rivets attaching the window mounting bracket to the slide. This is a rather difficult task if you do not have acordless drill and several small (1/16) drill bits. Drill a series of holes in the aluminum material of the rivet (the center is a relatively hard steel shank used to expand the rivet on the inside). Punch out the stem, break apart the rivet remnants and extract pieces. Do the other one. Have someone hold the window or use the window suction cup holder to keep it fro crashing down. Carefuly extract the window.

Remove rivets holding the bottom of the slide rail the same general way as above.

Remove three rivets holding the motor bracket to the interior door skin (same as above).

Disconnect the motor connector

Remove two nuts holding the upper end of the window slide.

Extract the slide and the motor through the rear inside opening in the inside door skin.

As they say. reassembly is a reverse process of disassembly. Use 1/4"-20 0.5" bolts/flat washers/lockwashers/nuts to replace the infernal rivets. Make sure you lubricate the slides, cables and all moving paqrts with (???? - non-hardening grease). Test everything, align if necessary before closing up the door.

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Q: How do you replace a power window motor on a 1991 Ford Explorer?
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