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How do you replace a power window switch on a 2003 Monte Carlo SS?

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May 11, 2008 2:10AM

On the 2002 there is a screw from the inside of the door panel that holds the switch bezel in, so you have to remove the entire door panel.

One screw holds the door release bezel which then snaps out.

Two torx screws in the area of the door pull. There is also a screw from the bottom of the door pull holding the window switch bezel that you may wan to remove now.

There is a screw in the area of the side mirror.

Now all that holds the panel in place are tapered plug fasteners. If you start at the top front (behind side mirror) you should be able to see and release the two on the front of the panel. There are five larger ones on the bottom of the door. Continue working your way to the back of the panel. The fourth one is a little higher on the panel than the other four. Release the two on the back of the panel and the panel will lift off the top sill of the window.

Remove screw from interior of panel. There were two holding the switch bezel in. The bezel should snap out with spring clips holding it in. One front, one rear, one on each side forward of the screws.