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How do you replace a radiator on a 2001 beetle?

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August 27, 2008 1:43AM

Unbolt the radiatorfrom its mount. Pull up and out If only it

was that easy. I bought one from Radiators.com. It was the same

brand as original and Much cheeper than the dealer. First Get a

Hanes or Chilton Manual for the details As I recall it goes about

like this; 1 Jack up the front end and put it on Jack stands. Leave

plenty of room in front of the car. 2 Take off the front wheels 3

Take off the inner fender liners and splash pan. 4 Take out the

headlights. This ain't easy if there is sand or dirt in the

mechanism. 5 Take all of the screws and bolts out of the fenders

and front bumper 6 Take off the front Clip (Fenders, nose and

bumper cover) Now you can see the radiator New Beatles are cute but

High Maintenance Don't ask about the broken plactic, sticky

interior paint, fall apart door pads, wrong window switch from

dealer, Failed auto trans at 40K( free but they broke the clip on

the shift cable and said it was my cost $150), AC compressor failed

$2000 ... sold car

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