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The driveshaft unbolts from the diff at the rear. If you haven't found this out maybe its best to take it to a garage.

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How do you tow a 2003 4x4 Chevy pickup?

remove the drive shaft

Does a 1992 Chevy pickup have a carbon fiber drive shaft?

Not from the factory, it doesn't.

Can you use short shaft transmission in a Chevy truck turbo 2 wheel drive pickup in place of long shaft transmission?

You can but you will have to change or alter the drive shaft also.

How do you replace drive shaft 2000 Chevy Blazer?

I have a leak on my drive shaft left front 2000 cheve Blazer I would like to replace the whole unit

How much drive shaft cost for Chevy pickup?

Had one built for 1995 Chevy silverado z-71, rear, 65" balanced with my yoke, $275

How do you replace drive shaft on 1990 Toyota Camry?

tool for drive shaft

Can you replace a universal joint in a 2003 Honda CR-V or do you have to replace the whole drive shaft?

You have to replace the whole drive shaft.

Do you have to change the drive shaft when you replace the drive shaft oil seal on a 2006 Nissan navara?

No you do not.

What does it mean when one of my lifters is barely moving in my 1977 Chevy pickup 350?

It means the lobe is worn off of the CAM SHAFT. Need to replace cam and lifters.

Does drive shaft need to be removed to install clutch in Toyota pickup?

Yes because you have to take the bolts out of the transmission and slide back enough to replace your clutch.

Where is the 1992 Chevy 1500 pickup cam shaft sensor located?

1992 Chevy trucks did not have a CAM SENSOR. They had a distributor.

How do you open a Toyota pickup differential?

very carefully from the drive shaft end

How do you replace the pickup coil on a 1995 Ford Taurus?

remove the distributer, remove the roll pin holding the drive gear onto the distributer shaft, remove the distributer drive gear, remove the shaft from the distributer to gain access to and remove the stator(pick-up coil). Replace the stator, and reassemble everything.

How do you replace output shaft bearing 92 chevy pickup?

slowly. Im unable to find this out either. Ive heard the shaft simply pulls out of the carrier via snap ring but nothing and i do mean nothing verifies this on the internet.

What does drive shaft yoke on 1955 Chevrolet half ton pickup truck look like?

go online to lmc to find Chevy truck parts or

Which vehicle has a 53 inch drive shaft center to center of the drive shaft U-joint?

98 chevy s10

Can you drive a 05 Chevy Equinox without the drive shaft?

Go for it big fella!

Can you drive a 2004 Chevy Silverado 2500 4x4 without the front drive shaft?


What is the length of the drive shaft 1995 Chevy Camaro?

41.5 inches

Does a 1990 Nissan pickup have a front drive shaft and a rear drive shaft?

It depends if it is a 4 wheel drive truck. A rear driveshaft is used to drive the rear axle. A front driveshaft is used to drive the front axle on a 4X4.

How difficult is is to replace a drive shaft on a chevy truck?

The degree of difficulty it is for an individual would be measured by their experience and knowledge. You should have this done by a mechanic for the best results.

Can a transmission from a 88 Chevy Suburban 4wd fit a 92 Chevy blazer full size 4wd?

yes but you would have to replace drive shafts. The 4x4 shaft is shorter due to the transfer case.

Replace drive shaft boot for 2003 kia psectra?

You must replace entire axle.

Replacing front drive shaft On a 1994 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4?

front drive shaft, how do you get the yoke out of the transfore case to replace the ceal?

How much would it cost to get a drive shaft replaced on a 1998 Chevy S10 Pickup including the costs of balancing and labor?

Purchase a good used drive shaft from your local auto wrecking yard. It should sell for under $50 and it's already balanced. For a few dollars more they will probably install it for you too!