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How do you replace a rusted leaking fuel line on a 1996 Buick LeSabre?

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I have the same question, and how is the steel line connected to the rubber line, how do they come apart? do you have to release the fuel line pressure first?

Thanks for any help I can get also. Mike

A: Ok. If the leak is at one of the quick connects at the rear of the car between the filter and the tank, you need to replace that quick connect. Problem is that they only sell the whole assembly of 3 lines. And it is over $300. Ridiculous when you only have to replace one. I went to auto zone and bought a fix it kit. It was 20 bucks and not to hard. TAKE THE LINE THAT IS LEAKING OFF. You will need to cut the line in half with a razor knife. Measure and cut the new line w/ connector according to the part that you have cut off the original. It is important to have it the right length because they don't bend to easy. Now get some water boiling and put the two ends of the old and the new sides of the tube you will be connecting. 10 min or more. Take one out and quickly push the hose connector into the tube. Push it all the way to the middle of the coupler. Then take the other side out and repeat. It will cool and form the coupler and create a seal. Put it back on the car, start and check for leaks. If your leak is in the actual metal lines. Go to the parts store and get some fuel line and a pipe bender. DO NOT TRY TO BEND WITHOUT THIS TOOL. Bend and form to the correct length and shape.

2011-03-31 04:57:13
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