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1st get a soft pillow and some lube. (you will need this later)

Drive to your local Jeep dealer. Check the Jeep in at the service department. Bend over grab your ankles. Make sure the dealer uses the lube. At this point the Jeep Dealer will remove your cash and give you a good tush push. Seriously he will beat your butthole bad. We are talking full thrusting motions.

Now when the work on your Jeep is finished. Of course the dealer has found 124 other problems with your Jeep and the total for those repairs will be about $24,881.

Make an appointment for follow up service and then sit on the soft pillow on your ride home. (I told you that you would need that pillow)


Some Wrangler 4.0 Point may have an idler pulley with a cam action to let the tension off of the belt for removal/replacement. My Jeep does not have one and the way I replace the belt is to loosen the top bolt on the alternator and remove the bottom bolt completely. This allows sufficient slack to remove/replace the belt. You will need a long pry bar to re-tension the belt and replace the lower bolt. Good luck. Save your pillow and lube - you may have to go to the dealer...

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Q: How do you replace a serpentine belt on a 4.0 liter 1998 Jeep Wrangler?
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