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The question you ask is too involved for a proper answer. You may want to go to a car parts store, or book store, and get a repair manual for your car. They cost about $16.00 Or, go to a Public Library.

To get you started, there are screws under the mirror housing that allow you to remove the bottom half of the housing. You can then remove the actual mirror by gently pulling out on the mirror as you lossen the clips (4 I think). As far as removing the housing, I never got that far, but you'll probably see how to do it once you get into the housing as described above.

To remove the whole mirror ( the housing and everything) from the door you need to open the car door door and sit in the car. From inside the car you can see a small triangular piece of trim that sits on the inside of the car door. On my car this had a little speaker in it.

You need to remove this piece of trim. Just slowly pull on it with your hands wiggling it as you go and it should pop loose. I wouldn't use a screw driver or anything narrow like that to pry it off as you might break the tabs that keep the trim attached to the door. Just go slow and it should pop out. The bottom half of this piece of trim is hidden behind the large door trim that covers the inside of your car door. If you lift up the small piece of trim it should slide up and clear of the large piece of door trim.

Most of these cars have power mirrors. (If yours doesn't then you can skip this part.) So there will be wires that come from out of the mirror and slide down into the door. You need to disconnect these from inside of the door. To do that you will have to loosen the main piece of door trim to give you access to the inner part of the door. The Door trim panel is connected to the door in the same way as the little trim piece except that it has a couple of screws where the handle/armrest attach to through the trim to the door frame of the car. You can leave the screws. You just need enough access to disconnect the wires from the mirror. Also, leaving them in will help when you clip the door back together when you are down. Along the top of the door trim where the window comes out the trim is connected with in a long strip. Take a good look at this as yo pull it apart because it needs to go back the same way or your trim is going fell loose and flappy when you finish. Get a good light and squint down into the hole as you are pulling the trim back. GO SLOW. The little tabs that hold everything together are delicate and can break. Try not to pry to hard on anything just pull and wiggle. If you do need to pry on something try using a wooden spoon or a plastic spatula from the kitchen and not a screwdriver. Once you have loosened the trim up enough you can see where the wires go. They clp to other wires in the door. once you can get your fingers in there you can unclip them pretty easy. They are held on with little retainers that you need to push on so that they will release.

OK. Now you should see a a funny looking bolt sticking out of the door where the little piece of trim was. Mine was a star drive bolt. You can go done to an auto parts store and get the right kind of driver or you can probably just use an Allen wrench that fits snugly in the bolt head. Undo the bolt and the mirror should come right off. Installation is the reverse of removal. Remember to connect the wires in the door if you have a power mirror.

Remember to go slow and not force anything. If something isn't fitting right when you are putting things back together just be patient. You might have to back track a few times to get it right.

You can do it!

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Q: How do you replace a side mirror on a 2002 VW Passat?
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